Events in central Europe showcasing synths and stuff?

Hi guys,

I spend a lot of time online looking at reviews and demos of stuff like synthesizers/drumcomputers/effect pedals etc. and I kindof want to try all of them, as even the greatest review can at best only approximate how it might be to actually use the thing (and being on a limited budget I cant just buy everything interesting that I come across).

So Im wondering if anyone knows of some good places to go play around with electronic music gear?
Like eg. conferences , festivals, showcases etc.

Im based in Netherlands, and as far as I know we have only the dutch modular fest in Rotterdam, which is interesting enough, but I’m not a modular guy.
If you guys know some good things like this around Europe I would be very happy to know about them!
(Scandinavia/Germany/Belgium/France/Spain etc.)

Also if you know some good music stores to try things out in Netherlands, Sweden or Germany I would be happy to know about them too.


I believe musikmesse might be right up your alley. Not sure when it’s back on due to covid and such, but it’s in Germany and, according to their website, it’s the biggest music tech gathering in europe. Most of the brands should show up.

Musicmesse is definitely the biggest in the EU, lots of cool stuff debuted there. Recently, more boutique European synth stuff getting debuted there over NAMM it seems.

I’ll check that out.

You could also hit up Thomann…don’t know the actual address for their “bricks and mortar” Musikhaus Thomann store in Germany, but I remember seeing a video on YT of a tour of their store, in which the person was given a tour and got to try out some of the gear. Seeing it’s an actual store, I’m guessing you would be able to try out stuff there, like you can in most music stores.

that is a great tip actually!
It’s who I usually order from anyway, but havent conceived of them being an actual place that one can go to and try their stuff.
I’ll definetely look that up!