Eventide Blackhole flash sale: 29clams

I normally would not post sale stuff here but Blackhole is cult and I have never seen it this low. I think BF sales were always at least 40 or 50 bucks. Anywho, here you go. get it while it’s hot:


Totally worth it. It’s fucking crazytown.

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I have a few verbs, most notably Xenoverb which also has a freeze function. it is good for getting a freeze but you cannot modify it really after the fact. So I sprung for BH just now. No regrets.

Side note: if you get it from PluginBoutique you pay a buck or two more, but you get a spiffy freebee called Regroover. I did not remember this until .04 seconds after I clicked to buy it directly from Eventide. Le sigh.

Dude. Fuck yes, insta-purchased. Can’t wait to use it out. I’ve been bitching and moaning about wanting a new solid verb for like 10 fucking decades now anyways.

Hell yeah, thanks for the post. Killer sale!!

it is indeed the shiz. I just set it up in my daw to compare a bit with Xenoverb and ended up using the shimmer on that with the reverb for evar preset on BH and plugged my guitar into it…holy shiiiiiit.

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Fuck yeah, Can’t wait to try it out on some ambient drone, some arps, piano, basically EVERYTHING. I heard snippets of a bunch of demos and damn, I didn’t know a verb plug could BE that capable.

Excellent recommendation my man.

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In fact this might be dangerous, I could see myself over using it too much and fucking my masters up but hey, whatever. lol

Yeah…this is one to keep off the master bus I think. :dizzy_face:

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space… MADNESS!!!

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You used to get the plugin free when you bought the hardware version, it’s probably still the case.
Good reverb…

Probably cool, seems like a good deal. Holding onto my pennies for when Valhalla DSP releases his delay plug in…

Have you used the hardware version? I’m curious how they’d sound comparatively.

Ugh… I wanna buy this…


Don’t think about it just do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m waiting for the new Valhalla delay too

And on another note I wish Sean would give shimmer the same style GUI as the rest of his range.

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Pretty much the same, it’s the same code, if you want to get anal I suppose it’s more a battle of the DACs, the DAC in the hardware pedal vs the DAC in your soundcard and weather they impart a difference?
But I just see them as both the same tool, if I’m jamming with my synths I’ll use the hardware, if I’m producing I’ll use the software for ease of use (although space isn’t a go to reverb for me I tend to use the Valhalla stuff)



So OT but Valhalla Vintage is the only reverb I need. Except for “special fx”.

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Yes I love vintage verb too

and sorry guys if I’m after shimmer, I alway choose Valhalla shimmer over eventide space

To each their own. :slight_smile: I tend to go for lesser known stuff, quite possibly because it is more often on sale and I can afford it. : P That is how I ended up with Xenoverb, which is fantastic. It has a really nice shimmer setting. I have Melda Turboreverb too (got it for free by making a preset, it is really spendy) but it is so complicated I do not use it much except maybe for sample creation. I liked the demo of Vintage verb, will have to see in the future if I really need it.
BH on the other hand has some amazing decay on the frozen sound I just cannot get anywhere else, and the manipulation of the frozen sound is top. Xeno cannot really do that f.e., though it does have a freeze function

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