Effects on a drumkit

So I’m working with a drummer who would like to pickup the sounds of a drumkit to add effects to it live, no computer, maybe put it through an fx pedal, and then directly out to the speakers.

We’ve got the mics, but we need to get an interface and we’re not sure what would be a good option. We’re thinking a mixing console, but I have zero experience with that kind of gear.

Any recommendations ?

kaoss pads maybe?


that sounds awesome, and it’s definitely the kind of effects we’re looking for, but the question would be about the interface that gets the audio out

Ive played around with this with an experimental group.

The thing we found was

  1. No matter how close micd there was a ton of bleed from other drums and instruments even resonance of the drum heads not being played by guitars, basses.
  2. So what worked best was
    a. A mixer with solo buttons for each drum
    b. A multi filter pedal, the band pass being especially important, Placed before the other effects.

That allowed focus on an individual drum’s individual intended frequency range for effects. A Kaoss pad would have been great for this iirc this was before that existed. 1997? Our drummer had half a dozen pedal, guessing Kaoss pad would cover them all after the mixer and filter.

You could also do the above with a mixer and iPad. Audiobus, a filter, some of the Audio Damage mods and such. Is it a computer? Okay maybe but less going on, less to break.

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thanks, that would be something we’ll have to be careful with. We’re going to try contact mics too, and I’m now thinking it might cause a lot of parasite resonance.
Do you remember how you were set up? Did all the cables run into a mixing table that the drummer could manipulate while playing? I’m thinking this is the obvious solution but I’m kinda looking for confirmation, and also I have no idea what to pick.

What about some cheap drum triggers into a old drum module (alesis d4 or something cheap with trigger ins) and run that through some effects (like the chaos pad above)? I have done that and gotten some good sounds without worrying about feedback into mics, but still getting some unique sounds layered on the drum kit.


I’m sure there is a more elegant one/
It was a slightly modified DJ turntable box with a board across the top, the top of the bottom of the thing. So middle i guess. It had a lid that fit over the pedals and all.
Mixer was partly covered but you could still get to what you needed.


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You can alleviate some of the mic bleed with hipass and lopass, like on the OHs use a stereo pair and hipass out the kick. Snare would be the biggest problem in that scenario i think, because it just bleeds into everything like crazy. Covering the kick with a thick blanket draped out over the mic/stand would help kill some bleed.


Use a gate before the fx so that you can get better triggering of the processing.

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Old topic, but yeah I agree if you can go for some cheap drum triggers.

and here’s a article where he goes in one his setup:

There i am blabbing about mics and kick drum blankets and you guys are using beat boxes. Silly me hahah

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? I think we are all talking about fx on drum kit with mics?

Are you just wanting to layer electronic stuff over drums or do you want to repeat/ do crazy effecting?

Cuz I imagine you would still hear the drums behind the speakers if the latter. Butbthey do make those pedal or foot looper boxes that might be useful to switch over to a loop you made while playing, shut down the live play drums and go nuts with a kaossiclator.

If it’s the former, I would bet the triggers, as mentioned above, would be neat to get a cool layer to go with your kit.

I have no experience with this.

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