[EDM] James Pingel - Edge of Morning

This is one that lit up the listening booth last year, so much so that @metaside and @MFXxx graciously offered to put their own spin on it. I liked both so much that I decided to package up all 3 and make an little single/EP out of it. It’s on SC, Bandcamp, and Spotify today, and coming to more services over the coming weeks I’m sure. Distrokid doesn’t give me a schedule of this, they just tell me as it happens. I hope you enjoy!


Nice work JP and great to see on Spotify :ok_hand:

Cool stuff JP, can hear way more movement, the transitions/phrases changes are apparent, and the over all concept sounds like it has been fleshed out from start to finish!

Congrats on your release, best of as always


@White_Noise Did you give them stems or did they just take mp3 and make their remixes?

I gave them stems and midi. I think I still have them somewhere if you’re interested.

Nope, but thanks for apportunity. I’m not making electronic stuff right now, mainly focused on guitar music.

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