[EDM,House] James Pingel - Earthspace

In my musical plans, I said 2021 was going to be the year of the single for me, and I meant it. This is the first single to come out of what would have been an EP. Still working on ads for it, unfortunately, but I did at least get it onto Spotify on day 1 and pitch it for release radar. I assume they didn’t take it, but hey, baby steps.


I had the pleasure of listening to this before and think it flows nicely, especially the beats sound really good now! Also like the melodies in this, very catchy even though a bit repetitive. Nice work, hope the singles generate some interest!

Nice track man! I like the mix of house with some synthwave style. Also, that is a nice cover. :slight_smile:

cool tune james! i’ve attempted to play around with synthwave stuff before, and just get in my normal glitched out, bass, drone, over produced noise pattern! you my friend hit the mark for me here!

moving forward, would love to hear you play around with modulation a little more. maybe not through out all parts, but at ending phrases, or just on certain notes to give them a human feel. such as when making synth brass type sounds, or those FM crunch bits will have a bit more feel to them.

best of in all the ya do, be a great day

Thanks everyone for the support. @TvMcC your advice is very helpful, I’ll be taking it on board for some current WIPs.

@Creepr I got lucky in gimp with some gradients and transparency layers. Did some cool visulizations with composition shots in hitfilm for ads that I probably won’t end up running, but I might do a youtube upload or export a frame to act as a future cover.

Nice vibe @White_Noise something nostalgic about it… a bit robotic at times but still full of life. The chord progression is hypnotic.

Nice work :clap::clap::clap::sparkles: