EDM Creatives Wanted!

Hey there. I’m currently a masters student studying music production and am currently carrying out various methodology to acquire quantitative and qualitative data related to proving or disproving a certain hypothesis.

To that end, I’m currently looking for EDM creatives to participate in a short online interview to discuss synthesis, sampling and acousmatics. You don’t necessarily need to know about these things in-depth though.

If this interests you at all, feel free to reply and/or send me a message over at 100444472@unimail.derby.ac.uk. Thanks for your time!

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Honestly I’d fill it out if it was a google survey link or something. I’m sure others would help out if it was quick and easy to do, but I don’t really want to get personal email shit caught up in this for no reason


Completely agree with @Agentslimepunk. From a methodological viewpoint, it’s hard to get halfway reliable data in any case and requirements such as contact by email may introduce additional non-response bias - but at the same time it might increase data quality with regard to response behavior such as satisficing… hard to say. If you check both methods, you could try to answer that question at least :wink:

I"ve got so much going on I’d be unlikely to be able to participate in a live interview.

Stick around a while, show what you’ve learned as a Masters student in Derby. You’ll probably get more positive responses when you yourself have helped others here.