[Deep mnml dubbish housy electronica] Andre lanine - River

Hi. This is a very intimate track with Piano and lots of atmosphere.
I wanted something chill that flowed and didn’t shock, but interesting enough to listen.
Something that also wouldn’t disturb while working or reading.
The piano is the Kontakt maverick piano, with a big reverb on a send with a sidechain and eq.
The ghost notes or earcandy are a 2nd piano with delay and the same reverb.
The drums are pretty basic cause I didn’t want anything to popping or disturbing.
The bass is massive and a 2nd line of reaktor Razor.

I will still go out today and make a video here in Zurich of the Limmat river to make a youtube video that people can chill on and will add that later.

thnx for listening and have a great week

In case someone prefers to stream with bandcamp.

I read that soundcloud went down to 64kbps.


So beautiful… artful… restrained… masterful… listening now.

Thanks for sharing @Andre_Lanine

Love it :heart_eyes:

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