[dark ambient / soundscape] Chasm - Greater Depths

My first introduction into the realm of music production. I made this dark ambient album back in 2005… first time it’s seen the light of day. I miss it. I didn’t know much about mastering or mixing at the time, but for what it is, I can still listen to this evil shit and enjoy some of the textures I made.

What better place to share it than here? For fans of dark ambient / noise / experimental :slight_smile:


Here’s a download link if anyone wants it :slight_smile:



Just now listened to the whole thing while catching up on the forum.

Wow! What a trip! Dark yes… Ambient… way yes… Experimental…unabashedly, eerily, hypnotically, strong and awesome.

You sir… have inspired me to go darker…

Do you happen to have this available for download?

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Just for you :slight_smile:
I even included the only other track I did for the project, a few years ago. Bonus.


also, the tags are probably fucked up. but I’m too lazy to fucker with it.

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Good stuff!
Checked a lot of my ticks off as to what I like to listen to!

Found that this album had a bit of a “BioShock” underwater feel to me.

Ten thousand leagues below sea type feel! haha

Killer stuff man.

Thanks dude!

I made this edit album (game, what?) the year before BioShock came out, but it’s one of my favorite games… listening to it… yeah I can totally see how it’d fit the dark dripping halls of Rapture. Super cool extrapolation, glad to hear you like it! Cheers dude!