[D&B/Bass/Electronic] ±vMcÇ - two

TvMcC - two. … - EP - Relase Date: 4.8.19

Announcing the New Album two. … from TvMcC


Oakland, CaliforniaTvMcC is thrilled to announce the release of two. … a extended play project. two. … , available everywhere on April 8th, 2019.

A recent review:

TvMcC’s two is an aural delight wherein tradition is served as an appetizer and the unexpected as the main course—Bass music tropes lay the groundwork for absurd and unexpected sounds that are sometimes whispered, sometimes screamed.

The gnarly past-midnight growls of “The Charlatan” are set against pianos and obscured vocals to become a highlight of the collection. “Pandemic Rambo Virus” best displays TvMcC’s clever use of acoustic and orchestral instruments.

The title track of TvMcC’s two is a combination of familiar eerie pads and strings (as well as whale song) all juxtaposed with the rhythm of a modern half time beat, guttural brass and cowbells, which invites the listener down a psychedelic rabbit hole. The beats of “Tomasso (Of 4)” are chopped into a stuttering feast of static drenched vocals and ear candy.

“Bitter Orange” feels the most familiar. It is a playground of funky drums and floating melodic elements. Its remixes all hit home: “Triangulation Remix” employs a dark stomping beat to ride along the melodic waves of the original. “Drummer Boy – XVF Edits” and “Metaside Remix” race along with energetic and delightfully lo-fi chopped breaks.

Surely the best part of two is that it’s different, but fun; willing to experiment, but listenable. TvMcC stands among his peers with one ear nodding to the past, but the other bent confidently toward the future.

Here’s a early link to one of the tunes, enjoy!


Man, this hits soooo HARD! Definitely waiting for the whole stuff! This track here is just the BOMB.


hey I remember this tune, good to hear that you went in and really went experimental with it, I don’t remember that much FX/glitching/pitching or however you’ve done in the 0:47 minute part. sounds dope anyway looking forward to the album


Ha! Thanks you 2! This album has a few “familiar tunes” on it that I leaned on the IDMF community to help shape up!

It also has a few remixes from artist from the site, and a collaboration with a IDMF’r as well!

So excited to share it, and just hope that some random weird kid who likes dark, hard, face melting, creepy bidness finds it and sends me some soiled pantaloons!! :package:


That track is nutty man!!!


Hmm for some reason I can’t update OP, so here’s the link to the project:

Like to send out a shout out to the artist who helped make this possible, and for the IDMF community for their support!

Here’s a Soundcloud link incase some people prefer to listen there:

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sc not workin?

Ok sorted out the soundcloud player. Enjoy! :metal:t5:

Also still waiting on my distributor to finalize things before I see which tracks they selected to distribute. But for now I hosted everything for free at bandcamp!

I will update this once whatever gets selected goes live on spotify, tidal, and all the other services! Thanks so much for any interest out there!


This is a stellar release. Solid original tracks and good remixes.


thank you tvmcc, good luck with the release, i like how its a blend of different styles, bass music, breakcore, idm, also it has that old school warmth :smiley:

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@relic @bfk

Thanks so much for your kind words, and regards!

Have a interview lined up on Saturday on bff.fm! Will give the community a shoutout, and get a few tunes played! YEEE!!

Mans time slot ids from 10pm-Midnight PST, haven’t confirmed a time with him (due to my schedule) but will update this post once I do have it!!!



Damn, I haven’t checked the member releases in quite a while as it seems, I have been wondering when this will come out lol!
Really awesome release, very original sound design and composition/arrangement and great overall sound! Gonna listen to this a lot over the next time. Pandemic Rambo Virus is my fav right now because of that delicious mangled bassline. And great collabs and remixes, that Triangulation one is hitting hard!

Also, nice work with the master of my remix, thanks for that and asking for my remix - I’m honoured to be a part of this!


If I dont go out I can probs tune in. Let us know! Big up :slight_smile:

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Should air between @10pm-12am PTD

@metaside - Thanks man, was a pleasure working with you, and would do it again in a heart beat!


holy shit, better bust out that disco dust if Imma make it that late…its 3pm and I’m on my second bud light lime as it is…


I think found it :smiley:


Haha! Yeah that’s it! I had a gig unfortunately close to the airing and we did a phone interview! Pity that you don’t hear him asking me questions, and it’s just me rambling! But hey I’ll take, and give free press where i can! haha


woah, hey.
Well I’m definitely on board with the aesthetic!

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ta! its my missus art! she does all of this crazy stuff with dollheads haha

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