Community: Thinking of making a VA Punktronica album. Interested?

Not a netlabel release, not a personal release.

The ground rules would be like an IDMf community compo but the genre is the punk & electronic crossover and industrial influences are welcome i.e. no pure guitar tracks, no pure electronica or if only electronic must have punk vox. You know, that kind of thing. If the quality was not there I’d just can it.

I realise I’ve worded it in quite an offputting way but would anyone be interested? Gotta love what you do. I’ve considered this for some years actually but held back. If there’s enough interested we’ll do this thing. If not, not. No harm in asking. Just putting out feelers before investing time and effort.

99 luft balloons and some songs on falling forward album fit would be similar to that genre I assume…

Maybe some examples might help people wrap their head around it…maybe…

Groups like Mindless Self Indulgence nailed the punk & electronic crossover. The Prodigy have always had a strong punk/electronic aesthetic. Here on the forums its pretty much what I do generally, though I veer otherways a lot. Vlantis does a lot of electronic punk. I can’t think off the top of my head many others that have done any.

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Here’s a near perfect example:

Its an offshoot of MSI and they’re tremendous. Also did this:

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