[Circus Chip tune] Arcada De Los Condenados

On the Audiobus forum, iPad host app, basically an iPad music forum, there is a game where you take someone’s midi and arrange it.

I think this had originally been a solo jazzy piano part but,
When I first threw this midi in, I hit the random button and the first play sounded a bit like an arcade that the Joker might have owned. Tried to make it sound like multiple arcade games that sometimes intersect melodically. I deleted quite a few spots that came off a bit too harmonious. :slight_smile: Quantized the bass part I extracted but not the melodies to give it a feel of a solid background music pulse and the lead games being a bit freer.

Made with Modstep, Ruismaker, Ruismaker Noir, Redshrike, Kroneker, a few instances of Square Synth, Moog Model D, and iVCS. Only non-iPad sound sources are drums from Tremor. I mixed and mastered in Reaper.

Very cool, like the sludge bass line that comes in mid way, reminds me of a digin level boss in a metroidmania style game

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Now that’s a fucked up, but cool, technique! Appreciate taking such a way to produce this - the result feels odd, but very interesting!

It was an odd piece to begin with honestly, very chromatic. But on the single piano, recognizably free jazz. I didnt try to fight it, ultimately accentuated the weird.

If you listen to my own stuff, it is pretty well straight, not strange rock www.foglings.com
So it was a fun change.

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