[Chillwave] Gencore - Coloring Book

Hey y’all, thought I’ll post one of the new tracks I made this year.

This one’s been done with my bud, Tommy. It’s essentially a BoC-style tune mixed with 1992’s hip hop or something. It’s like mixing “Hi Scores” with Snow’s “Runway,” I guess. I also made a video for the tune, used GIFs by Domcake. Should be rather fun.

I’m posting this because while Cherry Convoy’s stuff has been generally well-received, this one has people on the fence. Let me know what you think!

very relaxing although I felt like the synth design for some of the leads was a bit simplistic, but despite that its a good composition, even though it doesn’t it grab me right away, it does develop later on :slight_smile:

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This was a tune I actually salvaged. My bud made a demo of it back in 2016 or so, and I immediately loved the melody. We were planning on putting out a new Gencore record, but it never materialized, but I kept “Coloring Book” in mind. At one point I was about to give it up, though - just couldn’t make it work, but then I came across some sick beats that worked as an excellent backbone for the piece, and I just went from there. And here ya go! kek

One thing’s for sure - this was probably the best co-op experience as far as Gencore is concerned. It’s not a smash hit, but to me it is an earworm and while it does have this Boards of Canada vibe going on, I don’t think these guys were a particular influence. More like a coincidence, I suppose. Anyway, Tommy Dotson hated the original demo for some reason, but I’m glad I believed in it. Eventually even Totsie Dotsie realized the error of his ways, haha!

not sure what’s this essay for tho

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