[Chill Trap] Cherry Convoy - A Streak of Disappointing Years

So, I made a new record (despite my previous claims). Another dose of chilly goodness, this time it’s stuff influenced by MNDBD, Vaperror and Green Piccolo. Chill/sad trap, future beats, phonk, electro-trap, you name it.

Definitely bass-heavier than the previous release, a bit darker and more somber, too. Lemme know whatcha think!


Listened to the whole album… very nice way to say “good morning” to my studio.

Definitely Chill and apparently Minnesota…

I especially liked the first two tracks.

Thank you for sharing. :pray:

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Thanks, I’m so glad you liked my new stuff!

While I’m not sure if this EP is any Minnesotan (gotta ask random Minnies about it), I do love the state! <3

It was in the hashtags

Dude i’m only 2 tracks in and this is ridiculously amazing… I’m incredibly impressed so far! I’ll report back when I get a chance to listen to everything :wink: <3

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So chill, relaxing to this now and it goes in smooth! I really like it.

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Awesome, haven’t heard about the artists you’ve mentioned but I love how this has your nostalgic chillwave, lofi melodies on top of trap drum kits, drum patterns and 808s. I’ve been doing something similar as well, the usual nostalgic/aesthetic music I find on youtube is getting repetitive…

Also great that you change things up a bit, referring to your 4th track it really switches up the mood

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Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you loved the album! Yeah, I feel the same way about the 4th track. It’s just unabashedly jolly compared to the rest and gives the listener some breathing room before the last two tracks, probably the densest, darkest and heaviest of the pack.

Can you send me some of your work? I’d love to hear it. :smiley:

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sure! :grin:

here’s my latest track - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqGmNpKM0OY

and a lofi one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDdS0APUomo

I like lofi as instrumental beats, don’t care too much for the lofi sound production/mastering so this track sounds clean

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