Certificate Expired


So, are you guys aware that your SSL/TLS cert has expired?


Roo has mentioned it. I understand it takes Stu (the site owner) to get that updated. Bummer for me though, firefox will not allow the site to load, I have to check in on Edge. EDGE. This is what I’ve been reduced to.


Firefox should show a warning message with two buttons under it…one to go back to where you came from and the other “Advanced” which, if you click on it, will let you give permission to visit the site. Just happened to me, when I tried to viisit the site from a link in the forum posts update email I get sent.

Screw Edge :stuck_out_tongue:




Thank god!


Firefox usually does that, but in this case they had a whole paragraph of mumbo-jumbo explaining why they wouldn’t let me override it. I don’t know if that’s a change in policy since last time this was a problem for me or if this was a different kind of problem as I don’t speak too much mumbo-jumbo.


Yeah…that block of mumbojumbo seems to be a new thing since the last update or the one before… can’t really remember which, as I never bothered to read it…but it always gives me the option to approve and visit if I want.

Strange you’re not getting the chance to, though. Be interested to know what the message actually says on your end the next time it happens.


Message for me was cert ended, site temporarily has gone down, or is no longer available.