Can you suggest more music like this please?


i discovered the following two tracks out of luck. i really love them both but its nothing like my background so i hav eno clue where to look for more music like this. can anybody suggest more please?
the aspects i like are the beautiful female vocal (kind of like that bjork sound, who i have loved for years, but never looked for more like her), along with the piano and that “cut your wrists” emotion.

here are the examples:
(yes, this one is what you think it is)

(cant even remember where i found this one, but i love it)

thanks everybody <3


Maybe Cranes? Most of their stuff isn’t that piano-heavy, but then neither is Blonde Redhead.

Low has great female vocals and the slit-your-wrists plantive emo thing, but no piano.

Maybe some of Regina Spektor’s stuff?
I dunno, not really my wheelhouse either!


Mia doi todd immediately comes to mind, even though her main instrument is guitar not piano. Her first album Come out of your mine, is minimalist voice guitar reverb and it’s good. The second one was mostly good too, then it gets overproduced a little. I’d recommend this first album.

she can do piano sometimes too

also not piano is classic kimya dawson

have you listened to mùm ? Still not strictly piano, though there is definitely keys in the arrangements, but it has that atmosphere you mentioned, close to bjork in a way too.


Maybe she is the same, but she is always odd much like bjork:

Soak is a sort of a fun odd singer, with a guitar…northern irish bird mi thinks

Ginger and the ghost are a special bunch, learned about them by listening to Ta-ku

We could go really. old school and kisten to my fav weirdo female singer, a blast from the folk days. she was a native amaerican who did a some stellar peice known as buffy st marie:

here’s a song about lean, before it was in hiphop:

this is her special witching stuff imo:

I’ll wrap this up with 1 other artist or i’ll be at it all day:
Camille is a special sort. Lots of scatting, and beatboxing, and then weird little moments she creates…check it out:

my apologies if I missed the mark as o what you were asking for


thanks for the suggestions. although these tracks dont really have the same effect on me, i still like those two you posted. low - shame is a bit “sad” for me. i think there is something uplifting about the tracks i posted, although i cant really put my finger on exactly what it is!
the crane track is much closer though, and although its not quite what i am looking for i am definitely adding this (and them) to my playlists.
Regina Spektor is definitely not what im looking for. i listened to “Fidelity”, “Samson” and “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)”. they were all top duckduckgo results though, that could be why? her music is way too lovey for me.

thanks for the help <3 i will try more “low” tracks but i definitely feel like “cranes” might have some tracks i will enjoy, so i will dig through their stuff more.


oh damn. im so tired and artificers suggestions were great there was 2 tracks and an artist. i just scrolled down and saw another 11 videos without even reading the text!
i am falling asleep where i sit but am really excited to check out the suggestions from @Lug and @TvMcC. i will have to come back tomorrow though or i will not be able to listen properly.
thank you all so much for the responses <3 i will reply tomorrow when i can listen to the suggestions properly. thanks!


thanks for the suggestions.
Mia Doi Todd is definitely close too, thanks. thos two suggestions are not quite there, but i cant put my finger on whats missing! i dont think the piano is a key essential to be honest, i enjoyed it with the guitar too, but im not sure what it is that it was missing.
i will definitely be checking out more of her, i feel like there is probably a couple of tracks in her discography that i will enjoy.

“the beer” was quite far off what i am lookng for. the vocal is dominant and not “euphoric”, or “rushy” (best descriptive words i can think of). although the vocals are not all that important. in the blonde redhead track i linked it was 90% the bridge in the coda section that got me. (edit on this part < i dont think i made much sense. the presence of vocals is not important, but if they are there they need to have that style.)

mùm was awesome, thanks for the link. i will definitely be checking out more of that. although its not quite the same style its definitely very close. thanks <3


thanks for the links.
joanna newsom is so much like bjork! ive never heard of her before, if somebody played one of those tracks to me i would have said it was bjork :smiley: i do enjoy it but its more of the side of bjork that is whacky rather than the other side in tracks like “stonemilker” or “all is full of love”. maybe i made a mistake referencing bjork though, she is not quite the same as this either, its more her voice than her overall style. she does have a couple of tracks that fit, but the most of it is closer to the joanna newsom style.
i will definitely be checking out more of joanna newsom though.

SOAK is too focussed on the vocals. although my “daydreaming” example was kind of like that too. i think for me its more about the composition. interestingly i am learning a lot more about what exactly it is i like about these tracks while listening through everybodys suggestions :slight_smile:

ginger and the ghost and buffy sainte marie are a lot like the other side of bjork too. i think i worded the bjork reference badly. i like them (more so buffy sainte marie) but they are not quite what i am looking for.

camille was great fun to listen to! definitely not what i am looking for but a lot of fun!

thank you so much for your suggestions. i think i wasnt clear enough about the bjork reference, but i am very happy i got a joanna newsom and buffy sainte marie link from you. i will be listening to more of them, just for differnt vibes :slight_smile:

thanks for the help! <3


I was thinking I knew this blonde redhead song from somewhere and I found it

man that brings me back

would you be into dream pop stuff like hope sandoval and the warm inventions

some of my friends used to be into Cat Power. Do you know her?


wow “aether - to her” is really cool, thanks!

the hope sandoval track was okay in some places, like around 1:30ish where there are less vocals. it must be her voice i dont like i guess then. i dont like most vocal music, there is a particular type of voice i do like and thats about it. i dont know how i would describe it though :man_facepalming:
i didnt really dig cat power.

thanks for the help <3


hope sandoval’s voice is that of an annoying little brat
just testing the waters


haha agreed :smiley:
thanks for the help


Maybe? I dunno, I can’t pin down what it is you’re looking for lol

Like you, I’m not much of a fan of vocals, and I find a lot of female vocals in particular really off-putting. So I guess I’m just posting crap that I find tolerable and enjoy :smiley:


she has got a nice voice, but im not really into the track. im going to see what else she has done.
thanks for the suggestion.

i cant really pin down what im looking for either hahaha. im not really helping people help me am i XD
i will try to find more music with the elements that i like to give people a better idea.



Wonderful music I am a fan of Irish music. As such, I will try to post some of my favorites soon.