Can you create an Anthem?


The UIPM, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne, is looking for a new anthem to represent the spirit of its sport. The beauty of sport is not only shown in its actions and motions, but also presented in its spirit and mind !
If you are a musician or composer, this is your opportunity to shine and take part in something meaningful.

To register and for more details Get in touch with us at :email:


whoa oh ah whoooooa
whoa oh ah whoooooa


I know this thread is spam, but I approved for comedy value.


hahahaha, oh damn, I’m glad I didn’t delete it then…I kinda had the same thought…let the hyenas have it


save this for a BB theme.

The kingdom of Cybertopia has been established after the fall of the Facebook empire. Being one of the congressmen who assembled the new constitution and the only one in the group with musical training, you are asked by the others to formulate a digital anthem for Cybertopia complete with lyrics (that will be sung w/ max autotune).

The lyrics must include … … …

Please have it rendered before the 1st grand council which is in 2 weeks.


Here is my submission.


is this heaven
Or am i looking at a





+1 for Shipoopi


no shame…

…no shame.