[Breakcore / Metal / Glitch] AGNTSLMPNK - //

I haven’t released anything proper in 2 years, and this might be my first proper ‘full album’ ever (even though it’s only 30 minutes) because normally I can’t stay on track and write an actual consistent thing. This time the metal has been toned down and confined to about 10% of the release, but I still play guitar on a few tracks.

Anyway, as usual I used a lot of modular and things that are way too nerdy for the scope of this post (including the cover art!) but I feel like I put way more into this than anything else, and that alone feels good. If anyone wants to listen in-depth I will hopefully have some free download codes coming soon.

Thanks for listening, to anyone who stops by. And thanks to IDMF for letting me put this here :purple_heart::heart::blue_heart:


Really enjoyed the track “the void”. :slight_smile:

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peng tunes

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