Boring Music and How to Make it Interesting

Very interesting video. I’m suprprised! :smiley:

And i want to ask you how you can add movement to music . And what you think about that video?


That was pretty good. It’s mostly stuff I already think about, but it’s interesting to set some time aside and really think about it.

It makes me think especially about “the drop” in modern music, and how they work all their music and sound production together to come to this fine point in a song where everything changes all at once. The question is almost “how many knobs can you think to move?”.

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Capture improvisations and edit them for perfection.

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I think even in electronic dance music the better tracks have something “live” or “improvised.” Even though MIDI only has what…127 step resolution?..turning a knob yourself on the filter cutoff is gonna sound different than automation.

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Off topic…Midi instruments and some other gear is the key to a good live show

But yeah midi does make things interesting.