Behinger DAW?

So apparently they’re going to develop a free DAW…

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This can’t be good.

But a lot of their new synths are…that being said I actually tend to agree this might end up a hilarious turd.


yeah, I kinda feel this is Uli getting a bit tooo much ego and deciding to “take on a new challenge…” I mean, they put out a good handful of original HW devices, and the re-releases are pretty cool all told (I could never affort an MS-20 original) but a DAW? Perhaps they will knock it out of the park, but I am not sure what the market is missing that they can add to it tbh. Even for free.

Hey, you never know. Might steal some new customers from people or pirating types. Build upon it. Didn’t FL start out free? Behinger definitely has some hype right now, repeated above?

Not that I’d cough up my Live 10 Suite for it but that’s neat. However bad or good it could be.

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I don’t know if FL was ever free, but it started out as just a step sequencer, not a full DAW. I don’t know how good they could make it to stop pirating. Basic FL Studio with lifetime updates is still only like $199 FFS.

Also, can’t you still basically use Reaper free w/ the nag screen?

Probably a good thing if you’re broke and not used to any other DAW.

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I hope Behringer do make a DAW,

The hardest thing about making a new DAW is getting people to quit their old DAW.

Universal audio’s tactic is to not call it a DAW, and that tactic collapsed on the first reveal.

I’m content with Ableton at the moment and happy i can now use my old friend the reason rack within it, i’d have to be offered something next generation to even slightly arouse my interest.

Anyone out there would have do some seriously innovative shit to get me off FL Studio. I’m beyond caring about the stigma it still carries because it kicks so many other DAWs asses with its Piano Roll, Patcher and other features. While it certainly has its problems too. (so many fucking windows!!!)


Same here.

“Gross Beat” is a masterstroke of Belgian humor! You have to speak/get Belgian-French to understand what they mean by that. Also, when you get it, you understand why I used “masterstroke” :smile:

Love the fact that probably 9 people out of 10 will never have any idea what they say when they say “I love Gross Beat”.

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I am interested in what they come up with, but for me Bitwig for ideas/arranging and Mixbus for mixing is a perfect solution. I may try that Traktion free daw on my windows tablet as Bitwig is a bit fiddly there, but just as an idea pad. Perhaps B makes something on the light and easy side, then it might be intresting for the tablet.