Alrighty boys

You wanted Harmony?

Say no more


Alrighty then any additional subs have until midnight on february 4th UTC


Nice one brog! Reminds me of a track that’d be in a classic video game where you are killing vampires on molly.

you really like tequila don’t you


Fuck it, since this goes through the weekend I’ll try to spill some swill out


Lol sweet. Thank you

Si, señor


Only mixed on headphones, might have another go if I have time. Otherwise I’m quite happy with it this time.


Here’s me. I actually didn’t have a ton of time to work on this either so I just ended up dubbing out the stems of the track i started. That was fun though, just automating simple and random things with abandon is a blast.

edit:updated some mixing glitches on track


I’m excited to be beat battling again :slight_smile:

Great theme, @7asid !


This was fun
I just let go an laid it out, I always overthink and never get anything done
This time I got something cool done, I never listen to other submissions before mine is done so I don’t fall into any traps of thought - I listened to them so far before writing this out,

I really like what you guys did with the samples.
I hope you enjoy my little frankenstein :slight_smile:


Voting’s open!






damn that’s tough

I vote for @Trebesch

The Aphex flavours are strong, the glitch in the drums are delicious. I’d like if it wasn’t so ‘subdued’ but I think that’s part of the appeal so it’s perfect as is regardless… A pure expression, great job.

I love the composition and melodies on Let’s Go Kill Vampires, @Brogner

@7asid I love the audio aesthetic of this one, the melody right at the end feels so nostalgic; soothing in a way that melodies rarely do it for me.
lmao dat ding2.wav tho

:sunny: good entries


Oof, Lots of goodies this round to pick from.

I’m also gonna have to vote for @Trebesch. Just really dig on how all the delay and pan effects work with the pads to great the cool atmosphere. as Valk said, definitely some old school AFX vibes. Good work dude.

@Brogner - as I said before I really love that bit. The melodies, and most importantly - the composition - works really well.

@7asid - Really nice one man, very ambient, chilled. Quite enjoyable overall this is fantastic - you definitely know what you’re doing.

@valk - Really dope (and refreshing) to hear a hard hitting mix and design in this BB. Has a bit of a glitch-hop grittiness to it that I’m REALLY digging on.

Props everyone, good work. I suck as usual and couldn’t find the time and ambition to get one togther… but maybe next beat battle i’ll bite. Keep up the awesome tunes everybody.


My votes for @Brogner. Some great chiptune vibes, also felt it was very reminiscent of Wintergartan’s marble machines, which I love.

@7asid very pleasant pads and melody, great example of how some simple automation can make a track much more listenable.

@valk Well, it was certainly an experience. A very aggressive and anxious one. Some interesting sound design nonetheless, especially liked the use of the stereo field.


I have to vote for @Trebesch. The nice warm bass mixed with a light airy vocal track and synth pad was a perfect mix. I can hear the tritone of the diminished chord resolving nicely, help push the track forward harmonically.

@7asid I really enjoyed the FX of the High Hat, giving the track a dungeon feel, also big props on using the flexatone and making it sound cool, along with the rhythmic pulse of the muted woodblock in the background. The melody was written very well, great structure.

@Valk’s track came slamming in with this I don’t give a fuck grandiose feeling, lots of attitude that I really loved. Also really loved the extreme fuck you to the Flexatone too, You kept the original feeling of the weird tone but really just fucking hammering it, loved that bit.

This was a really fun experience, great work guys


Is the new BB to be started today, or tomorrow?


Valk gets my vote!


Congratulations Trebesch! Yeah you can start the next whenever you’re ready, the timeline is all messed up anyway. The sooner the better of course but if you want another day to prep it go for it.


Grats Trebesch, your track was tits.

thanks to all the other contributors, you guys killed it


Thanks guys, I’ll pull something together today


Congrats @Trebesch