BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


haaayle yea… i’m ready


Paging @liquid_air


Loaded a dozen one shots into Volca Sample, so that’s my drum kit for this. Take that, indecisiveness!


omgomgomg beatbattle :))))))))))))

Thanks host
I think I’ll enjoy this one


my 7zip cant access rar file, anyone know of a free way i can unzip this?


My music machine had problems w/ it as well so I extracted it (on another machine) & recompressed it into a tar.gz.


Which version? I didn’t have that problem and I was on 18 beta. But looks like 19 is already out too. Update.


I had no troubles using 7zip on it. I have 7-Zip 17.01 beta (x64).

EDIT: Oh man, it seems I’m 2-3 versions behind! 7-zip is on 19.00! Perhaps I should upgrade (pending if @bfk was able to unzip the rar with the latest).


update worked thx guise

here is my bb thing fyi forgot about the 808 rule, but did sample the waveform of the rimshot sample to make the pads don’t know if that counts, whateves if that disqualifies me, its ok


This is from a few months ago, perhaps in a weeks time when I am home I’ll cook up w a new batch of acid specifically for this.

Stuff used:
Roland TB03
Korg Arp Odyssey
Roland Juno 106
Sampled Tr808 and Tr606 kits
Soundtoys Bundle
Ableton Live
NI Replika

BB100 - Beat Battle Royale

Nice one Chase, this is sick!


@chasedobson Sounds like a true fakex twin track :slight_smile: Tussin it out a caustic window


Free TB303 Bass Line emulator from YOOSMusic (32/64 bit):

Note that slides/accents are controlled with midi velocity values (see the included manual for details).



is rule number 1 saying that we need to use one drum machine exclusively? or do we just have one be the main focus with the others sprinkled in?


One machine, you can sprinkle, but it must remain clear whether or not you are using the 909 808 or RX7. One section must contain a break sample.


@chasedobson Great to see you back mate. :slight_smile: How did you get almost 400 plays in 5 days for the comp? :slight_smile:
@theusername24 and @all Im not going to be able to make this one, away on hols. However as acid is always close to my soul, Im going to donate to the winner NI’s The Finger 2 (The Finger + The Finger R2 UPDATE from NI)>
Appreciate its late notice, but hell Im selling it on KVRAudio and Id rather just start giving some of the stuff away to participants on IDMF. Its not a huge prize, but its something from my personal pocket :slight_smile:


because that track is 7 months old.

i’ll be writing something fresh for this beat battle.


Ah didn’t check but did wonder :slight_smile: hell regurgitation for projects in BBs are always inspiring and vice versa.


@Vulpes Vulpes


My music machine had problems w/ it as well so I extracted it (on another machine) & recompressed it into a tar.gz.

Thanks for this works as a download and 7zip gets the files. :slight_smile:

Missed this post so thank you…huge help.

PS A week extenstion would be fab, but no worries if not…only cause im away from home till the 18th. :slight_smile:


Submissions should be based on the samples so an old track wouldn’t be allowed, unless you reworked it with the samples… but still… the whole fun of beat battles is to make something on this crunch of time, it goes against the spirit of the battles.