Autechre SIGN - Livestream

Hi guys,
For those who are interested …
Here’s the Livestream of Autechre’s last album SIGN, played this evening.
Enjoy …

Autechre SIGN - Livestream


Is that all they did? Just broadcast the new album? That’d be a first that they didn’t do some crazy 12h long broadcast.

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Did anyone listen in?

Just wondering what the new album is like.

Thinking of a pre-order

Yes, that’s all they did, 1hr, the new album broadcast.
Few tracks are quite cool actually.

Hmmmm, i’ve just shared the new album … just listen to it.
I’ve ordered a copy but i had to share it, the livestream from last might was quite cool.

I preordered the vinyl, looking forward to it arriving in a week or two. Haven’t listened, but I did download the files. Will probably put in on here in a bit in my office.

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Yeah I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the album. I kept up with Ae pretty well through Exai in 2013 but lost track after that.

Nothing beats classic 90’s Ae though.


I’ve been following them pretty much with everything they’ve been releasing since Quaristice. I’m basically a fanboy now and will automatically buy whatever they release lol.

Their newer stuff definitely is a bit weird, but since the new album was announced, I’ve been revisiting a lot of their stuff since Quaristice (as that’s where I feel they kinda took off in their new weird kinda algorithmic-live-production style), and actually some of it I feel I’ve kinda felt like I was getting it, like this really cool, kinda more slower, kinda mind flip kinda stuff. Exai, NTS Sessions, elseq series, and especially their most recent string of live sets, there’s actually some good stuff in those.

With that said, I do agree, nothing tops early Autechre. Tri Repetae, Amber, those will forever be some of my all time fav albums, and those albums are just FREAKING AWESOME, and the new stuff doesn’t come near those.

EDIT: I tried to listen to album… but they’re .m4a’s!!! C’mon! Who records to .m4a?!? I’ll have to listen on my Windows machine… with ITUNES (eugh)… or wait until my vinyl arrives.


I’ll export the album in .wav today … i’ve listened to this album for the 4th time now & i have to say that we are far from the best of AE, but some tracks are quite good, the melodies behind all the modulations are quite cool also, the overall sound is a bit harsh … maybe due to the livestream conversion ? i’ve listened to the 24 bit version & yeah the sound is wider, more detailed. I’m a huge fan of AE, from day 1, i remember being gobsmacked in 92 - 94, watching MTV ( rave zone every saturdays ), Incunabula Basscadet video clip, i was 14 years old & got hammered by this new style of music. So, for me, AE has something special to my own personal culture.

The .wav export was too long, there you have it in mp3.
Autechre SIGN Mp3


I got into Autechre somewhere ‘03/‘04 when I was in high school. This is when my tastes were really maturing and I was going from Fatboy Slim and Moby to breaks DJ’s to the IDM kinda area of Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Mouse in Mars…

The first album so got of Autechre’s was Confield, which actually to this day holds a kind of special nook, because it has a really sharp, cold kinda sound to it, and I really think it kinda stands apart from their other albums as having a very particular sound that you didn’t see much of anywhere else. It’s “kinda” in the vein of EP7 and LP5 but it s a more polished, but also that cold precision makes for this very strange, outworldly sound. I always come to back to that album, Tri Repetae and Amber are some of their best work IMO, and Untilted, and LP5 are also really well done for their late 90’s early 00’s sound, but Confield just always is a special album of theirs for me.

I remember hearing Autechre for the first time and I mostly listened to it because it seemed weird and strange, but I totally really didn’t get the rhythms or the song structure, it didn’t sound musical to me, but I’d still listen to it. Then I remember I was driving around and listening to Tri Repetae, and everything just kinda clicked, and I realized their was order to it!! And that’s when I got hooked.

A lot of their later stuff always yeah, kinda went back to that feeling of, “these are amazing sounds and I have no idea how they’re doing it, but I’m not sure if I’m listening to music lol.

But I think what draws me to them, even when I don’t find their tracks musical, is their approach to making music, using Max/MSP and writing algorithms for composition, and for me it’s this big puzzle I’m just trying to piece together.

I’ve cracked Tri Repetae, Amber I’d argue is fairly accessible, and solid tho, so now my challenge for myself is cracking their later material, and I feel like some of it has started to begin to come together.

Stoked to hear this album now. Autechre forevaaa

By the way … i just wanted to say : i shared the album with you before the date of release …
but, i support artists, i buy music … i never torrent music.
So before the 16th you can get a taste of the new album.
But make sure you buy the record.

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Pure data/max msp goodness

It’s always the process behind the making of the music that fascinate me with autechre…

From a Casual listening they may be a bit too abstract sometimes.
But from a technical standpoint they push boundaries which is why I like them.


Yay new experimental ae album.

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Also, got around to listening to the files, now that I have mp3’s. Pretty good, one of the songs (I didn’t check which track) seemed to really grab me, definitely in line with the most recent stuff. When my vinyl comes in I’ll be able to tell what it’s like on that side.