[Atmospheric DNB] James Pingel - Phases of Bases


This is one I put together in the last week with a sample pack that inspired me. I worked fast and got it done before I had time to overthink it or rewrite half of it or something like that. Also threw away one master that was too… “pushed”. Less turned out to be much more with this one.

Also, trying a new program for working on song art, abandoned GIMP when I found out you can’t select and process multiple layers at a time. It was faster to find and learn a new program (inkscape) than to make GIMP do the stuff I want it to do. Early days, but I think this is promising.


For reference photek seven samurai…

Work on the drum fills. A bit more.

Great composition…and mixing…and mastering.

But the sound design could be more modern for my taste…

Have a tx wave fm modulated by saw/sine wave and lowpass it…and eq i think a smoother sub bass would be a better fit.


There is also GIMP, Inkscape , Paint net , Gravit Designer


Also a video about dnb drumming