Anybody got a room in Chicago?


hey all idmf
I’m going to be in Chicago between 15 May and 1 July with my miss, and we’re looking for a place to stay. We’re checking airbnbs but we’re also looking for other options, like maybe some sort of sublet.
So if you guys know of a website I should check, or if your aunt lives there and can help or something, you know, I’m open to any suggestion
thanks eh


If you guys wanna drive four hours south during that time, you can hang at my place for a day or two. I can show you the nightlife in rural Illinois. :wink: Just don’t fuck up my place. :stuck_out_tongue:


nah they should drive an hour north and visit me in the great state of Wisconsin


man I would love that, I’ve seen the pictures you’ve posted of that mountainy desert you have there, it just looks georgous. I guess one of the things I could try to do while I’m here is… get a driver’s license.


That was in Utah. Illinois is…not as interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:


google search rural illinois


I live in a college town, so not exactly that, but surrounded by that. :stuck_out_tongue: