An idea to rebrand Idmf


i know if it aint broke dont fix it…but anyways
right so it hit me in regards to the idmf rebrand idea, being that idm is dead and apparently search engines think i mean internet download manager when i search for idm music , that and most people on here make various genres of music anyways

instead of idmf standing for intelligent dance music forum

idmf would stand for

"I Do Music Forum"

if the community is against it or thinks it sounds too ridiculous feel free to say so no worries


We’re actually working on the rebrand behind the scenes, and working on setting it up so that it fits into the marketable story we want the brand to tell. That is, that this is a community of artists; with a focus on community musicianship.



sounds like political outbursts of any type will no longer be welcome here… This is awesome and I can’t wait to see everyone being held accountable to the same standards =)


To be fair, this place was fine until the search engine loss. I’m sure plenty of us checked it out because it was the top result for quite a while. I commented about it multiple times before the flip(not entirely sure the flip killed the results though).

I actually like the re-thought on the name. Just needs some “.”'s for the the icon. Done…

On another note…@Jayson who is working on a re-brand? The entire back end? Admins and Net-label or just the Net-label? Either way, a re-brand without the support of the people that are actually coming here, is idiotic. Should be a community thing, or at least not an entirely a closed door thing.

And I reiterate, community here. And to be fair, I don’t know a lot of the new back end people besides the admins and white noise, like pre-old forum


It’s the label doing the muddy bit, the mod sanity checking, and the community will vote from a selection.

All options require keeping the initials IDM and the word Forums.




Why is the community relegated to selecting what the Net Label has come up with?

Again, I don’t know you, when you joined, or your intentions. And that isn’t to say you(individually or group) haven’t been here, but the names I remember are White Noise and Metaside.

Quite frankly, I think someone from the Admin/mod team, whether they’re actually active or not, would receive a better audience than someone from the Net team. My thoughts are that you should be pushing community projects, trying to get releases, etc…

Actually…you know what?


FWIW, I was the one who most recently floated the idea last month and we’ve been tossing out ideas when we have time since. I don’t want to divulge too much about what’s been said yet (because it’s not just me running the show and I don’t want to commit other people to anything), but I know this discussion has been had to some extent before and those ideas that I heard brought up and remembered after all these months, I did toss into the ring.

Most of what’s been thrown out isn’t really anything worth sharing and we have a lot on our plates over the summer (I see as many as 6 releases possible in the coming months). For my part, I have enough trouble keeping up with a handful of dudes who it’s like 3rd priority for, I’m not ready to have this discussion with the whole passionate community yet.

At the end of the day, I don’t think we’re planning on doing anything the mods aren’t OK with, or that the community isn’t largely on board with. At the same time though, I do have some opinions on the matter.

  1. IDM is here to stay. We can change what 3 letters stand for in a couple of logos and tweak our image/message slightly to match, but we can’t go change 56 albums, all our social accounts, bandcamp, soundcloud, domain name, and forum name.

  2. Intelligent Dance Music was at best a pretentious misnomer. Don’t be pretentious.

  3. If we could actually have the name reflect what’s happening here, then swell. IMO, Intelligent Dance Music isn’t a big deal as I’ve literally listened to one IDM album ever and I’m now a leader here.

  4. Try not to piss off too many denizens (though if we don’t piss off anyone something is probably wrong).

  5. Emphasize the community aspect of this place if possible, because that IS how I rose up, and how I’ve seen others do it too.

And sorry, but that’s all I plan to have time for on this subject for a while. I’m just too busy with all the other stuff to give this more of my love right now and I had a seizure making breakfast last week, so my life is barely on the rails before you add in this stuff.


Don’t worry, we’ll be there and so will the public vote, which we’ll manipulate to our favour to make sure that Industrial Death Music Facility wins.