Amen thread


You know it deserves it’s own. Let’s all fangirl over the most regurgitated 6 second sample ever created.

For those not yet indoctrinated, please:





full song




the world would have imploded by now if it wasnt for the amen break


if it weren’t for the amen break…there would be more grammar nazi’s


according to the bible, jesus was resurrected by playing the amen break on loop for 8 hours


let us all relish in the invention of the sampler on this new years day of 2019.

I still hate jungle music, for the most part. boo.


funky drummer


monkey drummer :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


More a footnote than anything, but a pretty quick and interesting interview with the guy that apparently first sampled the break… (probably not worth resurrecting the thread over, but, ya know, posterity and whatnot)


funny you should mention it cuz i’m looking for an old trance/eurodance track from between 2000-2002 i suppose

it was a nostalgic piece, probably with female vocals (most likely NOT ATB tho)

It featured a drum and bass break, Amen style, as a transition

anybody got any idea what song this might be?