[ambient] sole massif & jacob newman - santraukos

This really took a while but it was worth it. This 4-track EP is a collaboration work that started in 2017 between Sole Massif (originally Misleading Structures because back then I still used to make ambient, RIP MS) and ambient music artist Jacob Newman. Lots of decisions were made to perfect this EP, it might be short for an ambient release (only 20 minutes???) but it’s an EP! It’s a self-release and you can get it from Jacob’s bandcamp. Just have a go!

Thank you for listening and make sure to check Sole MaSsif’s trilogy that is very different!


I think I’m hearing some legit SM granulations on track 3, but this will require further investigation.

Sounds really nice on the first impression, just like old MS which is almost a bit nostalgic (not the d&b drone version, but I could only hope to see that one resurface at some point in time). I don’t know who JN is but this will inspire me to check out his music too, so that’s an added plus.

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JN is a really cool guy. Thanks for digging it. MS is pretty much a dead project. This thing started in 2017 when I was still a bit more into ambient. So it took like 3 years to wrap it all up. It’s like a bridge between these two projects of mine.

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