[Ambient/Instrumental] Moodorf-AMBIENTCD


The new piece of music is taking much longer than expected, but I figured I’d drop this relic on you in the meantime.

I made this album/ep/whatever in 2005 (ish) when I was still very new to music production. I had no hardware then, I just used FL studio. These songs are really more instrumental than ambient but whatever. They’re very simple, short and imperfect. Sometimes the mixing is rough. Sorry, not much I can do about that with the original files missing. There are either very simple beats (no crazy breakbeats here) or none at all.

I don’t remember their names, just the name of the cd.

If it really interests anyone I have one more really early piece of music that I can post. It’s even more rough and probably more eccentric too.


enjoyable stuff! the short songs format is also refreshing for an ambient thing


I really like the instrumental aspect. It is something i miss in most electronic music. The vibes are not alike, are relaxing, timeless, some passages or sample choices bring me the joy like of some classical music. Can hardly compare this to your newer more rhytm oriented tracks.
The simplicity here does not hurt. Track are very listenable, the lenght does not bother me, imperfection a bit but it does not kill the songs spirit.
What i missed a bit was some quick solos in the upper register. Nevermind.
I am wondering what made you go into drum stuff… Interesting journey.
Here you have some nice bass lines too.

I listened to the whole album. That is really rare.
Thank you.
I would like to hear some more yes. It does not matter if its earlier or later. I guess.


wow, that are some really nice words. :smiley:

What got me into drum stuff was just listening to aphex, squarepusher, venetian snares etc. While using software like FL and Reason got me some of the way there, it wasn’t until I got Renoise and starting working with it that my drum tracks started to really improve.

I will go through my back catalog and upload more stuff.



Same with me.

That is really nice. Thank you.