[Ambient EP + Magic Eye Booklet] YEARNS - Self titled


YEARNS’ self titled EP takes shape like landmarks emerging through the haze of dawn. Sparse piano melodies shimmer amidst the restrained streams of noise.

YEARNS is Andrew Foley of Grids/Units/Planes and Joel Saunders of Spirit Bunny and A Country Practice.

The EP comes with a stereogram booklet (like ‘magic eye puzzles’ from the 90s). There is a tessellated stereogram image for each track on the EP. Listen to the atmospheric sounds and stare into each abstract pattern until a 3D image surfaces from within the blur.

Released through False Peak Records - https://www.falsepeakrecords.com/yearns

Andrew - Laptop, Synths
Joel - Circuit-bent Casio SKs


Bookmarking this for a listen later. I’ve always enjoyed past stuff from you on the occasion that I see it.