Alien Romulus Trailer

For sure.

I really hope it’s good, but I’m also kinda not holding my breath, just hoping.

I know, I’m a downer. lol

It will be awesome movie!

I just hope a whole bunch of people in this film die in really, really horrible ways and that the sound editing is good THIS IS ALL I ASK


The best part about Star Wars: Rogue One was that EVERYONE DIES


It’s the first Alien film since like 97’ without Scott heading the direction so that’s a good thing in my mind. Covenant set the bar low. Reeeeal low lol.

I liked that part where all the people on the planet got wiped out though

I liked Covenant. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Yeah me too man!

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I like the first three Alien movies fairly equally (Alien 3 Assembly Cut, that is). They take up the same sort of opinion/space in my brain, and after those I’d rank Covenant next best. It sucks that there wasn’t any Giger stuff, and I think there’s some weird decisions made directing wise, but I really like the gothic and mean-spirited tone. Something I thought was missing since 1992. And I thought it was the only movie since the first (and Prometheus to a small degree) that had any sort of psychosexual themes.

My headcannon is that Prometheus and Covenant take place after the other movies, though. Prometheus still feels like it was written and directed by an actual alien with no concept of human interaction.

I can definitely respect the change of direction and application of fantasy that Prometheus (which I actually like) and Covenant (my most hated) had. They’re unique if all else.

Respect the difference of opinions as well, but Ridley’s Frankenstein obsession and creationist angle just didn’t do it for me. A rogue synthetic with daddy issues wanting to play god just wasn’t it for me.

I’ll always say the films are incredibly beautifully well shot though. Ridley is a great world builder but relies heavily on a good screenplay.

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I blame Damon Lindleof entirely. Fucker has a reverse Midas touch. He sucks

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