After I found the secret of music

In short, after I learned the secret of music. Any other tracks of any genre sound well, just like music.

Dudes are thrown into the section to listen to their tracks, I listen well, I can not say anything because it’s about tracks.

Something I lost interest.

In short, just wanted to say it.

And if you make money on music, then fine. And if you make music for the underground, do not be proud of it.

Work on getting a job at something like Goldman Sachs and stop playing around with silly tracks and forums.


Kinkshame me in my safe space…

What is the secret of music? I wasn’t aware of such a thing…

I see patterns and flow.

My friend sees shapes.

My other friend doesn’t see anything.

There’s no secret to music.

I vote for this:

And the perfect mastering, of course (be careful with the volume on this one…):


So… the title of this thread was intriguing enough for me to take a look :eyes: but I’ll be damned if I can make head nor tails out of what you are saying… unless you mean “if you make money… you know the secret… if you don’t… then give up.”

If that is the jist of your intent then I beg to differ. If you make money then I would agree that you’ve learned the secret to making money :moneybag: and maybe even something about music. To me… the secret of music is study, practice, produce, rinse, repeat. :sunglasses:

If you like fuckin with the music you dont fuck enough yet

All i wanted to say is first 4 paragraphs

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Hmmmm… :thinking: catchy… but inscrutable.

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Bro and after you learned the secret there is no much left to learn just production techniques etc…

I get it … sounds like you’ve lost the muse… it comes and goes. Keep at it… it will be back when you least suspect it.


With the right equipment you can do both! At the same time!

That’s it I’m gonna quit making music and idmf…

Logs back in 15 min later to post latest crap sculpture…then waits another 1 hour for a response…gets nothing…fucks off for a few days only to come back and repeat the cycle…

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I want to know what this secret is!

You already know it bro

Yeah, it’s called GIT GUD


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git gud

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git gud