Adulting (aka The Coffee Thread)

4 real.


Coffee or water

I choose water.

Also my energy levels have been better since ive quit coffee and got proper sleep

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Wudder (as I pronounce it) is kind of shit. No electrolytes, no flavor, gross.

I recently started chugging cold brew (probably about ~800 MG of caffeine per day) and I finally felt awake for once. These eyeball twitches are probably telling me this isn’t very sustainable, though.

Last time I quit coffee I ended up with long-term insomnia so shit’s weird sometimes

You aussie? where from?

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Weirdly it’s a Philadelphia thing, where I grew up (well, the suburbs of it). Wikipedia has a whole article on “Philadelphia English” which should say enough about how bad they butcher it :smiley:


Ahh yeah, i can hear it now!

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I used to drink about that much back in the day but I was always tired and relied on it. I’ve since quit most caffeine anything except for an energy drink every few weeks or so, but again, it doesn’t really help other than make me kind of high strung and jittery then I crash rather quickly. Drinking a delicious glass of ice water brings me to life though.


I get up in the morning, use the restroom, weigh myself, and then immediately begin consuming water. I’ll go through 35oz by the time I start work, another 35 by lunchtime, probably another 17.5 in the afternoon, and then 35 again after dinner. On average, that’s the amount you should have.

I had kidney stones a few years ago. Never. Again.

Also, I lost weight, so that’s kewl I guess.


I love coffee, but old age has caught up with me. Caffeine after about noon will keep me up at night. In my 20s I could make a pot at 10-11pm and be soundly asleep by midnight, now if I dabble too late in the day I’m up and pacing and stressing about not getting to sleep so I keep it as a morning thing. I do really enjoy good coffee, though.

Unless it’s a special occasion, I really only drink black coffee or water and just keep chugging H2O through the day to the tune of 100-130oz/day, so I guess that’s good for me or something. I sure pee a lot.


Yep, pretty much the same as you. I used to drink black coffee but now white, just cause sometime the person making it doesn’t know what they’re doing, or the beans are shit and it’s too bitter. Milk kinda masks that.

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Coffee if it is not done right leads to crankiness from constipation because of caffeine tolerance.

Also 5 dollars for an 8oz cup of coffee is a ripoff.

Sorry not sorry.

I started actually having to taste coffee (due to digestive problems with dairy and the cost of making almond milk every few days), and Starbucks definitely wins if you’re drinking it black so far. Dunkin Donuts’ coffee (whichever generic version they make) is absolutely wretched, although admittedly I didn’t try it freshly-ground as the former.

I don’t understand ‘good’ and ‘bad’ coffee yet but I definitely notice a huge difference between those two, for starters. I don’t even have to coldbrew Starbucks in order to stand it, even if black coffee is kind of like drinking hot rubber runoff water

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I want to music…

But i musicd so much that other things fell through the cracks…

Ill go back to music when im ready…but if i dont go back to music…

Eh i gave it a shot…at least. No big deal.

I can’t do Starbucks, even when I wasn’t a coffee snob it was pretty undrinkable to me (my wife worked there when we met and I drank more of it than I care to mention) - like I’ll drive past one (or two or three since there’s so fucking many of them) to a gas station and drink the afternoon swill before going there, at least it’s cheap. Now that I know a bit about coffee I think it’s absolutely unacceptable that a company with coffee in the name and their resources serves that shit for their drip - bitter, overroasted, stale and overpriced. Honestly McDonalds reformulated brew isn’t half bad and I’ll get that over Starbucks any day.

These days decent coffee is everywhere. Even small towns have shops that are either roasting or just selling decent beans at a fair price, and you can buy good beans online. Actual good coffee is a completely mind-blowing experience…a lot of quality light-medium roasts will give hints of fruit and chocolate that you don’t have to be a pinky-out asshole to notice. The local Guatemalan I’ve got right now tastes like someone dunked cherries and orange peel in it. It’s wild.

My suggestion - buy a french press (Bodum makes nice affordable ones), a cheap Walmart grinder and a bag or two of something local that looks interesting and is fresh roasted. French press is super forgiving on grind (you want it on the rough side) and it makes a wicked good cup imo. 1:14 ratio by weight of beans to water, dump in beans, dump in boiling water, leave it for 5min, stir and press. Good coffee on the cheap and you don’t have to leave the house.

A good bag of beans runs me like $15-16/12oz. At 1:14 ratio you’ll get 5x standard 34oz presses, assuming you’re drinking an 8oz cup that’s ~3-4 cups per press, so like $1/cup. The real beauty of that setup is you can try all sorts of different beans/roasts in the same equipment and find what you like.

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Cranberry seltzer

Damn, I might have to seriously give that a go. Right now I’m grinding and using a one-shot reusable K-cup thing, so the sky is the limit here. Even with this setup, I think I’ve driven the cost down to something like $0.50 per cup which is pretty wild

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Best part of waking up is folgers in your cup

I’d say the single biggest change you can make is getting quality whole bean fresh roasted coffee and everything else is tangential to that, but then you gotta go bring up Keurig lol.

I’m not a fan, because there’s a few levers you can pull in the brewing process to dial in flavor and Keurig takes most of them away - water temp, grind size and dwell time ratio. Yanking out the good organic compounds without a bunch of the gross ones is a balancing act, and just blasting hot-ish water through some grounds doesn’t leave much room to maneuver. I’ve got a Keurig with a filter and every A/B test I’ve done has resulted in a thin, bitter and one-note cup compared to other methods. I won’t say it makes a worse cup since that’s subjective, but I think it’s a poor way to try and experience good coffee just because you’re limited to how it works. It definitely is convenient though lol

btw the only reason I suggested a French press is because it’s all-in-one. People swear by the pour over thingys (and they work wonderfully) and Aeropress for a nice portable option, but I really don’t want to mess with disposable filters. A press is just about as cheap and simple as it gets, but there’s lots of good options.


Adulting to the max…

Did You know croc slippers were featured in the movie idiocracy.

And being that they are popular now.

Did idiocracy make them popular

Or did the people who made the movie accurately predict stupidity…

These are important questions.

Maybe it’s because I live in a literal swamp but they were definitely popular back then, too

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