[abstract/glitch/post-digital] sole massif - recursion

Tags don’t matter. Released on HIDE.

Sole Massif’s Recursion is an evolutionary, laser-cut expression of digitalism and sonic experience. SM’s monumental approach to experimental and surgical sound design procures visions of cybernetic hubs, militant artificial intelligence protocols—and renegade security forces—drenched in a high-tech dystopian dreamscapes. Recursion threshes the listener into unpredictable and unwavering tenacity from start to finish, with tracks pushing devastatingly heavy wave structures one minute, and expressing enriched mechanical atmospheres the next. With an abstract narrative interwoven with cinematic overtones, Recursion ensures that each listen provides a unique experience. //@nose


It’s really, really good.

I’m totally not surprised.

Nice work, as always.


great sound design as always…i will give this a more in depth listen…i really like the track extricate and sert is very technoish…very abstract very ambient…really great use of textures.

hmm…the only feedback/criticism that i have based on what ive heard so far is that for your next project i suggest that with this style that also you experiment with the rhythms by beat syncing random lfos, in conjuction to an ongiong cross rhythm, or use things like different accents or odd meters or switch meters/ time sigs in a track

Also incorporate down beats, off beats, etc… basically listen to examples african drumming or latin grooves(no not reggaeton lol i mean more ln the vein cuban jazz) via google/youtube to get a better frame of reference as to what im suggesting.

just listened to avenue of approach and dayumn. :smiley:

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quick update here: it’s live on Spotify.