A Random persons thoughts about idmf


Well…I’ll keep this short…

I know I’m one to talk…

Insert negative past history drama stuff…cringes.

Take away learn from past mistakes and from others successes and failures as well as your own.

Even though the secret of computer music has been cracked…and discord has become the new platform…and the forum…a library…of various “stuff”
Some of that stuff is useful knowledge.

Not going to get all existential…cause we did that

And we also did that and that and this, etc…

To me what has always worked

  1. Helping others to cultivate their art…
  2. Growing as an artist by sharing techniques and processes…
  3. Lil bit of hanging out but not too much.
  4. Common sense.
  5. Art discussion and appreciation.

To me this is what kept this place going through
All the years and all the internet behavior…

And in my opinion these five things will ensure this communities survival.

That’s all peeps.

Just some random persons perspective.

Good luck and thank you for tolerating me.


Speaking of Discord, I just saw this:

If you want access to IDMf Discord, just massage a mod for an invitation :slight_smile:

hahahaha thanks I’ll pass then


I made quite a few real friends here, people that I still talk to almost every day (virtually) years later. It’s about the learning and music but for me it was and still is just being social and making buds fo lyfe with peeps that i respect and relate to in various ways. I havent grown as an artist much unfortunately though. Thats probably something that most people think they have to work on indefinitely (or maybe not). I agree totally. We could totally make this forum a raging keg party of great minds again, never give up. I cant lament people who moved on but i do hope they at least came away with good memories and it helped them out musically and lifely.


In time it may be relaxed but the automatic entry process was being abused by someone on a mission to be as obnoxious as possible to as many people as possible. Unfortunately its always the way that the majority suffer because of the few.


Read the header post again Roo


At least it doesn’t mention “happy ending”!