A list of beginner studio things n tips

Found this on Reddit this morning.


Lots of great tools on there. Lots of stuff I still use today. Looking at you TAL and Tokyo Dawn Labs.

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Me like, thanks for sharing!

still the most underrated studio tip ever, buy a silver permanent marker to identify your plugs


Ohhhhh man good point. I am bad at that ROFL. Cable management is not my strong point.

I’ll necro this a bit because I think it would be a good thread to build upon with random bits of info.

https://producelikeapro.com/blog/haas-effect/ - (random article I found)

I’ll start my particular additon off by mentioning where I heard it. It was here, actually. gbsr(who did/does a lot of sound design stuff - super awesome dude) who I’m not sure he’s been active in a long time but I remember being new to the forum and reading in some type of thread like this. Either a question specifically asked or something started in this fashion.

I remember him saying something of this nature:

The human ear basically perceives sounds within a certain ms of each other as one sound. I believe the idea or study of the effect is the Haas effect. While that was related to two identical sources(such as mono) I’ve always kept that in my brain. I’m personally very guilty of 1/2 assing timings, not grooving stuff from a writing standpoint. Which obviously can damage your mixes.

8 instruments attacking at the exact same time can create larger peaks than needed and weaken the mix. If you’re a peak reader like I am, a kick or kick/snare combo playing over a plucky note, or whatever, might offer more room if slightly staggered. IE groove. But in something like Live, you can actually just delay x channel by some ms and get a similar effect.

I haven’t just used the Haas effect, or that one statement about my human ear perception to make my mixes bigger, I’ve been using it as a simple foundation to remember stagger my writing, drum stuffs, widening certain things, etc.

And obviously this is also attributed to things such as changing attacks.

Sorry if a rant. I just ended up on this thread and thought I would share that. @gbsr helped me a ton just by me happening upon his one comment about the ms it takes to ear to still identify something as the same sound. And I’ve used it to also help with my timings of things like kicks, snares, hi hats in a programmable setting. Other shit as well…

I may have drank a bit too fast…

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speaking of large peaks i really miss logics own bit crusher since I’ve been using live.

I used to always use logics Bit crusher as a limiter for my drum/percussion tracks,
Id add an instance to each track set it to 24bit so it was actually not reducing any bit-rate, then id slowly move the ceiling down until it became audible then rise it a touch so it was inaudible yet your master headroom used to drop by about 30%, can’t seem to get these awesome results with any other limiters, lives own limiter using it the same i can’ save about 10%, but the Logic bit crusher was something else.

Good one. And if one is worried about possibly affecting the resale value, you can get a bunch of self-adhesive cable labels, like this:


You can use them to mark 1/4" and XLR cables as well for static set ups, since it would be a pain to try to write with a marker on them…

I discovered this trick WAY too late in my hardware career lol.

I’m not saying don’t learn how to mix–but when I first got into music forums during peak Dubstep everyone was so focused on engineering, but frankly no one was really writing interesting tunes. Have something worth fucking listening to. Have something that people will actually want to dance to. At least in dance music in some genres you can still get away with being pretty raw if you tune as 'em moving on the dance floor.

Also, if you are making dance music, STFU and go to events and learn to mix. Sitting in your home making dance music having never been to a club event or a party, having never tried to blend two records and make it work is so goddamn absurd. Unless you live in the absolute country, I promise you there is a DJ night going on somewhere because some old head like me has a crappy PA and a couple CDJs and a mixer.

If you are making music that loners listen to in their headphones at 2:37am while longinly looking at the moon out the window, I dunno what the secret it is.

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