[90's IDM/Ambient Techno] Moodorf - Perry


I’ve been working on this piece of music for a while. It’s about 30 mins long, so it’s either a meaty EP or a Skeletal LP. In my head I was trying to make something that Warp records could have released in '93-'95. As such, this album has 95% hardware synths from the 80’s for synth sounds, and 5% some free/cheap vsts modeled after old synths, (like Dexed) for certain sounds.

Oh, and a tracker (Renoise, but I was going to use that anyway haha)

Having said that it didn’t quite turn out like IDM? I don’t know how else to describe it though. It started out as Idm? Either way, that Lo-Fi feel at times is intentional.

Those expecting another Breakcore/Harsh/Fast piece of music this time might be a little disappointed. This might not even be IDM; it’s not cutting edge or anything. But it is nice and atmospheric and build-y. So enjoy. Thanks for clicking. Comments/feedback welcome as always.