[Orchestral] Tunes Of A Good Boy - Alone and Unjudged
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[Orchestral] Tunes Of A Good Boy - Alone and Unjudged

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Soooo...silently, while I've been away from this place, I've stole some inspiration from RFJ's insanely beautiful release - I'll credit this so much more in the near future, and I've done a two-month long project which eventually culminated as the most intimate, introspective track that I ever could have written.

Erm...it's voice + orchestra + ambient effects. Probably not what you'd expect here.

And I'm releasing an album this Thursday under my new stage name ^^! If you're a cool guy please go check it out, whee~

Also, most importantly, there's lots of Christian stuff in the text. I really hope that I don't strike a nerve anywhere, because religious topics are pretty sensitive, but hey, if it bothers you, please do treat it as absolute music <3.

Much love!

p.s. I'm not a girl! I got someone to read that for me~

p.p.s. I'm not sure why the sibilance was such a nightmare here. The multiband compressor was already compressing 15:1 and I still couldn't get the "s" sounds down. Oh well~

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