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Re: Mastering Question

Originally Posted by TheStumps View Post
OK, here we go.

Your song is on the left.
One of my song's is on the right (it's just a comparison's not to suggest that my song is the best produced comparison - it's just something I know and to compare against).

You can see the distance between the most common LUFS and the most common PEAK on yours is more narrow than the same difference on mine.

On your song, you'll see that you have a profile which looks as though you're forcing everything to a specific range, like having compressors on individual tracks, and EQ's on individual tracks as well (or cutting things off) - but in general, you can see between the spectrograph and the LUFS reading that you've got settings which are pushing everything up, rather than letting anything fall where it naturally lands.

Either that, or you don't have enough instrumental diversity so everything's piling up together.

On the song of mine compared to it, there's a couple of things that're going on.
Instruments are allowed to naturally propagate without compressors, and instead I turn things down accordingly via the fader.
I have a wide range of amplitudes over frequency (spectrograph) rather than every frequency range being forced up to nearly the same level.

You also don't have a lot of deviation between sections within the song - in regards to profile.
The easiest way to see this is via a spectrogram (similar to a spectrograph, but a per-second visual representation of the same information - like ultrasound in a way).

Here's yours:
Here's mine for comparison:
On your song, there's no real "backing off". It's just a wall of the same profile the entire way through.
That limits your variety in ways far beyond DNR. Keep in mind that spectrograms are referring to frequency and not volume.

You could back down on both volume and back off on how many instruments are flowing through some sections, so it breaks up more and creates more space - which in turn will make the big sections seem that much more impactful.

My guess is that you could choose some tracks that are "back-ups" (that is, not the main focus) and lower them a bit, then use a stereo widener to change their panning profile so they still are able to be heard, but with a lower level requires, or you could just pan things a bit off left and right that are not the primary focus instruments/tracks.

All of these things could be ways to approach a more rounded profile.
As always, it's ultimately up to you as the artist as to how spacious or narrow you want the song to be.
There's really no such thing as "properly spaced" music.
There's no real such things as the "right" DNR or the "right" LUFS.

It has to do with what the song is supposed to do according to the artist.
If you WANT to change the profile, then you can look into some, or all, of these things in this post.


Thanks for all this. Its quite a lot to absorb but I think I'm understanding the just of it. Basically in a nut shell, I'm compressing some tracks to much, getting rid of those peaks before I even get to my 2bus and mastering. I should prob dial back a bit on this and let the non important tracks just be haha.

If I like at this song that I used as reference, I definitely over compressed.

Looking forward to improving!



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