Suggestions for 2018
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Suggestions & Feedback Constructive feedback space about the forum, the IDMf label, or improvements you'd like to see.

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Suggestions for 2018

I read lolirls Jan 2018 Suggestions Announcement and couldn't find an existing thread here so I decided to start one. So I've found my mind wandering about the site from time to time and thought of some things that may potentially be worth considering/discussing. I'll try not to waffle, happy to expand on anything I haven't explained well enough to understand.

- Progressive & clearly identifiable structure towards getting on the Netlabel, on the main page.

Basically 5/6 pictured links in a sequence on the front page that redirect you to the appropriate subforum. Listening Booth, Beat Battle, Community Compilations, Community Quarterly Albums/EPs ... etc. with Netlabel being the pinnacle for members to participate and contribute towards.

A sense of structured progression within a community can help maintain focus for individuals, not saying there isn't that progression already, I can admit there is. I personally didn't find it easy to find these places initially (I was spoilt for choice), I can see a linear sort of structure between these areas and believe this is where focus should be brought in. (I saw a picture in the beat battle threads that looked quite flashy with red boxing gloves and a crowd background, for instance could be the picture to link to the beat battle thread.)

Emphasis on progression can be highlighted through an increasing meaningful post limit to access the next stage. I.e. No one can post on a netlabel thread if they've only just unlocked the listening booth, but after chipping into a community project and shown loyalty and they are no ass hat, then that makes more sense.

- Clutter clearing for psychological impact

I'm not going to go into theories of motivation but this could help, performance is inhibited by clutter, whether its peoples performance or the sites performance I guess it applies to everything...

I don't know if it's too cluttered on the side bar, of if this is just a personal thing again. Can forums be joined/condensed around the forums current activity, a short list updated to wherever the footfall is? The rest of it could still be easily searchable in a more comprehensive link that lists all forums and respective sub forums in an expanding list kinda how it is now... Less is more, and peoples curiosity to explore a thread may pick up if less choices are presented to them, and if they want everything in front of them its one/two clicks away.

The link at the bottom of the page that says Electronic Music forums is the same as clicking on the main IDM logo at the top of the page. Are both necessary? Are there any other duplicate links that may be redundant?

Can inactive threads be closed & Can closed threads be moved to an archive of sorts? Anything of grave importance (like FAQs and shit) shouldn't be moved if it isn't already pinned. This could free up a lot of breathing room, and make the thread lists look more appealing/active and subject to less spam and needless thread bumping?

- Thanks for reading

A lot of these ideas may be impossible because of restrictions or are redundant and unnecessary in themselves. However, there may be some worth to them still if it evokes a chain of collective thought that helps nudge the site in a healthier direction. Hope it helps one way or another. Also apologies if the words thread, forum and subforum are used in the wrong context in places, I hope my point gets across. If not as I said, happy to expand on it so its understood better.

If in doubt, build a wall around everything to keep everyone out.

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