Trying to recreate synths from Haruomi Hosono
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Ambient / Downtempo Discussion of music similar to Brian Eno, Sigur Rós, FSOL, The Orb, Biosphere.

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Trying to recreate synths from Haruomi Hosono

hello everyone!
first of all i'm not so sure that this is the right section to post this, since I don't know if the song is considered ambient, but well, it kinda sounds ambient to me. Anyway, if it's off topic I'm sorry.

I'm currently learning ableton and i was wondering how to make synths that sounds like the one in the first song of the link

so if anyone has some advice i'd like to hear about it.

(suggestions on how to make sounds like the ones in the other songs are appreciated too)

Also i'm trying to learn mainly operator and analog before learning how to use different plugin, so if it's possible i'd like to find out how to make these synths on those two, and if you all have some suggestions such as tutorials or books about how to learn extensively these instruments from basically zero it would be very helpful.



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