[Electronic] 747 - Cerulean Warbler WIP
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[Electronic] 747 - Cerulean Warbler WIP

Here's a WIP that I've been working on for a few weeks off and on. It's pretty damn rough right now, but I feel like now's a good time to get feedback on it.

The first thing I think I should mention is that I'm not using monitors right now, I'm just using Sony headphones, so I haven't really bothered to mix it well as I'll be saving for monitoring headphones soon.

I'll be adding more variations to the drums in particular, and I'm aware that they're quite repetitive right now.

There's a part where most of the stuff cuts out that's really really lame as of right now, but I'm planning on adding some IDM-y chirps and beeps and such to kinda make it worth having in there.

So let me know if you think there's stuff I should add, take out or change!


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