Bitwig built in effects/devices
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Bitwig built in effects/devices

I am curious what others people's experiences are like with Bitwigs built in devices and effects.

I am considering move from Ableton to Bitwig just so I can move over to Linux 100%.

The problem is that third party vst effects seem to be quite sparse on Linux, so I would only do it if I could rely on built effects and devices of Bitwig.

After playing in the demo for a while I am pretty disappointed. It is my opinion that Bitwig has no device that can come close to matching Operator. The bitwig FM synth is ok, and the polysynth is ok, but ableton Operator and Analog both are superior IMO.

Then comes the biggest deal breaker....the reverb. Reverb is so so important. When I fired up bitwigs reverb, it did not seem intuitive to me, and most importantly, I was not able to get a good sound out of it. All the freeware reverb and the built in ableton reverb seem much better.

Am I just inexperienced with Bitwig?

Did anyone else have similar experience, but once getting familiar, was able to get great sound?


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Re: Bitwig built in effects/devices

This is totally subjective of course, but most of the build in devices are very good, some even alot better imho. I miss operator too, but things like the filter (ladder) and chorus and delays are way better imho. Chorus has that juno 106 feel, everything sounds nice and wide thru it. In ableton, the chorus was a mess.

The polysynth is very capable and i'd prefer it to abletons analog anyday. It can morph thru waveforms, it has poly lfo's, nice filters and easier to operate.

The reverb can be pretty nice too. If you want big spaces, set it to hall and increase the decay time. Put it on a send fx and add a little chorus. The room algoritm is more like a plate reverb, good for percussion. Abletons reverb does have some more params but to me they are actually quite alike.

The delay is my favorite. You can even put other fx inside the feedback path, which makes it unbeatable.

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Re: Bitwig built in effects/devices

i like the Bitwig Reverb very much, the key is the Early/Late Knob and the Build Up Knob. "Late Knob" on 100% can bring even a small decay to become a big wall and a low "build up" brings some "wobbles" in it.
Only the pre-delay isnt that good.
The Polysynth is absolute great, love the visuals and the easy functions and connections u can make. But the FM, i never use him only if i find a good preset, some Pads or something but in generaly i dont use him. I think Bitwig comes with some really good devices but abletons devices fitting more the basics like the 8 EQ or the Operator. But Bitwig with Sylenth1, Serum or Massive and thats no point anymore, i prefer Bitwig cause of the VST Engine and the Optic ... some kind of Cubase like Ableton.


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