[Complextro/IDM] Bug (l3ug) - Tamzah
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[Complextro/IDM] Bug (l3ug) - Tamzah

helo everyone, i have create another track with ableton live.
i call it Tamzah, in the track i have used a lot of different synths, and vst
i finally find a iZotope pack with maximizer and general EQ that work, i hope you cna hear the difference!

this is the tune:

the vocal sample come from a sci-fi movie, and the other voice come from a 0 views video I find using PetiteTube (a site that show you only 0 views videos ahah super cool) (or "that's awsome!" cit ahha)

I have create the stings using a B scale, with my Oxygen m-audio the master is made with a couple of yamaha hs5 and a modu audio interface :victory::victory:

i have create a strange kick add more kick in one, compressed, saturated and distorted a little bit with iZotope.Trash

hope you enjoy ^^ comment and criticism are welcome!! :ph34r::ph34r:


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