[Live] Harmonic DJ Set Template by Opione
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[Live] Harmonic DJ Set Template by Opione

Hey guys ! What's up ? I just wanted to share with you the way I modulated Live 9 to create a nice DJ Set Interface. Sooo, let's go !
(Forgive my English, I'm French but I tried to do my best)
What about me (and why this template) ?
My perception of DJing is that a good DJ Set is all about consistency. Consistency between what the crowd is expecting and what the DJ provides, consistency between the different tracks, and consistency between what the DJ plays and what he likes.
Ableton Live is awesome in that way because, linked to controllers, it provides you whatever it takes to make a really consistent DJ Set or Live, giving you the possibility to make your own interface, your own way to play.
As I like flawless DJ Sets, in which I'm feeling brought softly into the DJ's journey, and playing mainly Deep House/Tech House, I'm quite a lot into harmonic mix, that allows the DJ Set to flow perfectly. I don't use a lot of FX too, because I like the music to remain pure, so this DJ Set template is not about how to map a lot of FX, but just what is purely essential.

You might like it if : - you think a good DJ set is about a clean mix
- you think the playlist is the masterpiece of a set
- you want a DJ Set that you can adapt easily.
- you can make the difference with an EQ, Two Faders, a Filter and 3 FX (and who need more seriously ?)

How it looks and how it works
In the template, everything is organised according to the main key of the tracks you play, based on the Camelot Wheel.
You get two tracks (but you can add more if you're into 4 tracks djing), and 3 column in which you can put pending tracks. There are two lines, so you can load 10 tracks of each main key on your set.

Basicly, each line can be mixed harmonicly with a track of the top line or with one of the bottom line. A track in 1A can easily be mixed with one in 1B too.

It's great because once you've done that, you can mix everything pretty easily, and only focus on your transition, on the way you're gonna bring it, in a more exciting way than just beatmatching. The "trigger" zones can allow you to play samples too, which can sound amazing and allow you to be creative.

I use this template with a Launchpad and a Launchcontrol and it offers plenty of possibilities. If you add some other controllers, you can add FX too. But everything is pretty simple, and allows you to have a clear view of the possibilities you have for your set.

Pros compared to classic DJing
- You get a clear view of which tracks could work together, and it's way better than in any explorer
- You can play everywhere, without the cons of Ableton (like loosing 5 minutes importing a track, as you can already put most of the tracks you like directly in the set), all you need is a controller with some knobs.
- You can see your whole waves, and know in a blink of an eye if tracks have similar parts that can be linked together.
- It brings you to know your tracks better, as you can experiment easily a lot of creative things.
- You can add some real instruments (that's great when you play tech house), or loops and samples.
- You can play your songs track by track, and bring a touch of "live" in your DJ Sets.
- You can easily make extended versions of your sets.

The Set
You can download the DJ Set here : [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]

Want to say thanks ?
If you enjoyed this template, don't hesitate to say thank by following me on Facebook and by giving an ear to my tracks on Soundcloud.
[Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]

Cheers guys !


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