[Dance] Beer O'Clock
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Icon5 [Dance] Beer O'Clock

Hi all, here's one of the projects I'm working on: Let me know what you think of the break, drop, melody, etc.



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Re: [Dance] Beer O'Clock

It certainly is looking like it's shaping up OK..but there are a few things about it I would change personally..but tkae these with a pinch of salt, as the old saying goes.

1) From the end of the intro to when the beat kicks in seems to be a little bit on the long side to me. I might be totally wrong about this, but that's how it sounds to my ears.

2) It might need a little bit of reverb over all and a tweak of the EQ to bring the sound out a bit more..not much..but a little.

3) You might want to think about adding something else into the mix, as it does seem a little "empty" in general, with not enough going on to hold interest.

Having said the above, I've got to say I really liked the melody and sound in general and can't wait to hear what you do with this.

Hope you find all this helpful in some way.


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Re: [Dance] Beer O'Clock

I like all the synths and general composition of it, but I agree with Mechanics it needs some extra sounds to sort of fill out. I think if you did something else with that chord that hits on the one during the melody that part would be more interesting. I like the idea though, keep it up.
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Re: [Dance] Beer O'Clock

It's a cool melody, it has a lot of forward-moving energy which is nice. The middle part has a natural, smooth progression. I like that. The noise about 0:12 - 0:16 is deafening loud though, compared to the rest of the elements. I know it might be intentional as these breaks are common in most dance music. But I'd turn down the gain just a little, simply because I don't want to have to adjust the volume while listening to the final mix.


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Re: [Dance] Beer O'Clock

I feel like this track could be on like a racing game haha xD I love it!!


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