Need help identifying a track- Vague details.
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Need help identifying a track- Vague details.

Hello, I am a new member here. Never thought to join a music forum but this is proving to be a good resource for finding new music!

Anyway, I have and old song I need help with. I think it's from the mid 1990s or so. I know either the track or artist name but I cannot find any information on it at all to determine which one I have! It is called leia Cola or Leicola or some variation of that. I think the artist might be the vocalists name but I've never heard another track by them aside from this one, which was on a mix cd. I have the song on an old burned cd but the track is destroyed so I don't think I can rip the song from the disk successfully. It's a classic for me and I want to restore it to listen to it in full. When I search for it all I get are Finnish comedians and Carrie Fischer articles lmao.

Thanks in advance for trying!

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