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Services Offer & Request services from forum members. Please read the rules before posting! Minimum 200 posts before posting threads, 100 posts before replying.

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IDMf Classifieds Rules

Any infraction of these rules is grounds for immediate ban, so pay attention kids!

Short run-down of the rules:
1. IDMf is not liable for transactions made through this forum.
2. There is a minimum post count both for creating threads and to be able to post at all.
3. Threads must be formatted correctly.

IDMf is not liable for transactions made through this forum.

  • IDMf takes no responsibility and can not be held liable for any sales or purchases made through this forum. By posting here you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.
  • You must be legally entitled to anything you attempt to sell through this forum. Stolen or pirated objects/software is strictly prohibited and any attempts to sell such materials here will result in an instant permanent ban.

We will do our best to keep obvious bullshit out of here but ultimately any deals struck here are the responsibility only of the people involved, and not of the forum staff. Exercise good sense and don't jump into any deals without doing research.

In the case of software sales, you must have permission to transfer the license from the developer before advertising it for sale. Contact them and make sure you have permission; do not assume you do. Sample CDs and sample based instruments have notoriously restrictive license agreements so check before you try to sell.

There is a minimum post count both for creating threads and to be able to post at all.

  • Minimum 0 posts and one month membership to post in this sub-forum.
  • Minimum 30 to create new threads.
  • All threads are subject to staff approval; they will be removed if deemed inappropriate or spam

Some may argue that this is unfair to new users or people who don't post much; however, this section of the forum is here on something of a trial basis and there has been concern among staff that it might be abused or an attraction for spam. None of us want that, we want this to be a useful resource for the existing community.

If you just want to sell something or go shopping, Ebay or Craigslist should be where you look. Similarly, if you want to just sell whatever ASAP to the widest audience Ebay or Craigslist or whatever is a better option; this forum is better for if you want to give fellow IDMf users first crack at things.

If you have been here more than 6 months but don't post a lot, PM [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]
and request permission to post.

Threads must be formatted correctly.

When it comes to gear for sale, we require you to take a picture of the item/s in question with a piece of paper visible showing 'IDMf' or 'IDM forums', your forum username, and the date. This is to help combat potential scammers.

Thread titles:
At the beginning of the thread title, mark what type of thread it is in [square brackets].
  • For sale = [For Sale]
  • Looking for = [Seeking]
  • If you're looking to trade gear, use [Trade] - this can be used along with other tags if appropriate, for example if you'll either take cash or a trade for something you're selling
  • If you're seeking band members/collaborators, add a [P] to indicate it's a personnel advert.
  • Indicate where you are as well in (brackets), by city, state/province/territory/country as appropriate.
Try to be as descriptive as possible in the title. Indicate what you're selling/looking for and how much you want for it, or what you've like to trade for it.

In the case of posting in the 'Services' section, no naming tags[] are required, but please make a concise, to-the-point thread title that makes clear what you're selling.

Looking to sell or trade an elektron Machinedrum should be titled:
[TRADE][FOR SALE] (Los Angeles, CA) Elektron Machinedrum, $1200 or MIA Fender Stratocaster

Looking to find a bassist for your band/project should look like:
[Seeking](Edmonton, AB) Bassist for grindcore/electro fusion live shows

If you're not sure about something, go ahead and make the thread as close to what you think is right as possible, and PM a MODERATOR to ask for clarification/correction.

For threads themselves:
Be as descriptive as possible. If accepting trades, detail what you're looking for or anything you don't want, indicate if you're willing to haggle or not, indicate what condition the item is in, if it's been used on the road or only in a smoke-free soft padded room, etc.

For personnel ads be as descriptive about what the position would entail, remuneration offered if any, what gear you'll provide or that they'd need to provide themselves, etc.

Including serial numbers and many pictures showing the condition of the item/s is recommended but not mandatory. Helps make sure things are legit - you can often check serials online to tell if something is stolen, and people are usually more comfortable buying stuff when they can see for themselves what kind of condition it's in.

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Your photo looks awesome .

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