[PAN007] EZLV - B-Side You incl. Tausend & Philipp Ort Remixes
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[PAN007] EZLV - B-Side You incl. Tausend & Philipp Ort Remixes

EZLV - B-Side You

B-Side You (Original Mix)
B-Side You (Tausend Remix)
B-Side You (Philipp Ort Remix)
Raindance (Original Mix)

Played and supported by Sven Vath, Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Pete Gooding, Butch, Maetrik, Terry Grant, Slam, Sasch BBC, Tom Budden, Patrick Zigon, Hermanez, Kruse & Nuernberg, Yaya, Egal3, Tomoki Tamura, El Mundo & Satori, Simone Kool Dek, Marko Nastic, Javi Bora, Tony Dee, Mauro Alpha, Philip Arruda, Loquace, Carlos Sanchez, Giorgio Roma, Alle Borsari, Rob Small and many more!!

Release Date Beatport Exclusive: 23/07/2012
Release Date (all digital stores worldwide): 06/08/2012

PINS AND NEEDLES are proud to present you the new release B-SIDE YOU with music from the Canadian DJ/Production duo EZLV who have worked with us already in the past. Recently signed to Tiefschwarz's amazing Souvenir Music, EZLV are making waves in the electronic dance music scene. Their unique Deep House style is regularly being played and supported by many DJs and producers around the world. Also in this release there is no difference! EZLV have come up with two quality Deep House tracks which will get you in the mood for much more!
The main track B-SIDE YOU is clearly music for your ears with its steady drum beat, cleverly arranged percussions and massive synth chords all on top of a driving baseline. It is the perfect summer track and the vocal parts will keep you singing too. The second original track from EZLV entitled RAINDANCE in the other hand, expresses a more laid back story with massive pads, high pitched quirky sounds and a deep groove to die for! Perfect for outdoor parties and festivals this summer to get the crowd dreaming.
On remixes duties we have our fantastic regular from Italy, TAUSEND who reflects his hot and groovy House style which is very much in demand and reinterpreted the original track into a more peak-time friendly environment. You cannot get enough of the deep and dusty beats with catchy drums, melodic pads and chord stabs! On the second remix we have label honcho PHILIPP ORT who added his own musical flavour to his version with driving drum beats and deep and groovy baseline patterns!
B-SIDE YOU is definitely a must have in your record crate this summer so keep your eyes peeled and rock the floors!!


Ciprian Iordache
Philipp Ort and Tausend remixes really rocks! thank you.

Simone Kool Dek
Tausend remix is OFF THE HOOK! expect support from me guys! dope shit.

Angelo Draetta
It's summer time and there are the right vibes for these hot days. thanks!!!

B-side you original is top!

The Original mix of "B-Side You" is great! Loving the pattern variations.

Sean Danke
Solid EP.

Tausend Is for me!

Federico Luchetti
Huge package! i'm in love with "Raindance" & "B-Side You (Tausend remix)". thanks guys.

Tom Budden
Mr Ort remix for me - thanks!

Archie Hamilton
Nice stuff.

Gel Abril
Philipp Ort remix is nice tnx!

Michail Manchinskij
Philipp's remix solid.

Alfred S
Tausend Remix is Hot!

Scott D'Souza
Nice...road testing this for sure at the weekend!

Matteo Matteini
Philipp Ort rmx not bad! thanks

Alessandro Mckenzie
B-Side You (original mix) is the best track for us...thank you!

Patrick Zigon
Tausend & Philipp Ort mixes for me.

Rosario Internullo
Philipp Ort is for me thx.

Shlomi Aber
Good Tausend mix.

Philip Arruda
Sickkkk EP! Will play the remixes a lot! Thanks.

Mauro Alpha
Philipp Ort Remix.

Masahiro Suzuki
Tausend’s mix is massive! I love it.

Hans Tavera
Philipp Ort Remix.

Jesus Pablo
B-Side You (Original Mix) - QUALITY!!!!!

Sasch Bbc
Raindance is an incredible tune. thank you!

Nice mixes - will spin thanx.

Andrew Technique
Tausend remix sounds really good.

Ben Teufel
Philipp Ort Remix is the one for me! thx

Giorgio Roma
Tausend Rmx is coool! Thx

Milton Channels
Sounds really good. Supporting Thx.

Brothers InProgress
Philipp Ort Remix is nice…Thx.

Tausend remix, very good.

Erik Sylk
B-side you Tausend Remix!

Max Nero
Nice remix from Philipp.

Alessio Collina
B-Side You original has cool deep vibes, will try out, thnx.

Sounds good.

Our boys EZLV deliver a slamming, chordy track. Full support.

Lorenzo De Blanck
My favourite is B-Side You (Original) Thank you!

Kruse & Nuernberg
Original and tausend remix of b-side you is wicked! lovely grooves and melodies.

Tausend remix is the best for me in this Ep. Thanks!

Antony PL
Full support for EZVL!!!

El Mundo & Satori
Nice flow! Thx! E&S

Elia Perrone
B Side You for me! thanks

Good music thanks, Philip for me

Dzeta n' Basile
Solid rmx from Tausend!

Martin Bellomo
Tausend remix is dope.

Tony Dee
Full support!!!!my fav. philipp ort remix!!! thnx

Davide Benedetti
Tausend Remix is dope! Great work!

Joe Le Groove
Philipp Ort Remix is the one for me... cool EP.

Le Disxco

Both original are cool.. my fav is definitly Phillip Ort Remix.

Terry Grant
Tausend and Ort mixes for me, thanks.

Alle Borsari

Carlo Toma

Alo & Ritu
Yeah bombs for the summer! Great EP!!! Thank you.

Martin Aquino
Ort-man remix is the shiznit!

Rob Small
Tausend Remix stands out the most. Perfect for me. Thanks.

Mariano Mateljan
Tausend Remix and Raindance for me. Thx

Marko Nastic
Great House package. thx

Nice release, support!

Aney F
Philipp Ort Remix for me!

Javi Bora
Tausend and Philipp Ort remixes for me! thx.

Carlos Sanchez
Tausend remix sounds good! Will test it this weekend. thx

Roberto Palmero
Nice EP. Thanks for the music!

Daniel Derek
Original and Philipp Ort remix for me. thx.

Nathan F
Tausend remix is dope!!!

Brothers Molisans
Cool release.

Will try it out. Thanks for the music.

Tomoki Tamura
I am feeling for Tausend remix.

Really nice pack. Thanks so much!

Pete Gooding
B-Side You original is very cool!!

DJ Simi
Philipp Ort remix for me. thx.

Sven Vath
Need to check out the Tausend remix. Also downloaded and burned for Sven.

'EZLV - B-Side You' is available on all major download sites worldwide such as iTunes, Beatport, BeatsDigital, Trackitdown and many more!!

'EZLV - B-Side You' - All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by EZLV. Remixed by Tausend and Philipp Ort. All tracks mastered by Chase Buch at Harcourt Studios.


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