Got first interface
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Got first interface

As I have just got my first audio interface I thought I would share my experience with the good people on here. I have this working through Ableton Live 9 Lite.

If anyone recalls from my other thread with the Electribe 2, I was actually intending to get the Steinburg UR22, but I have ended up getting the Presonus Audiobox instead, this was because it had a 75 price tag on ebay and was supposed to be decent.

I have this thing working after a little tweaking, there are a few points I have noted which maybe naive on my part.

The two audio jacks in are only mono, this is probably obvious but no stereo settings from the electribe will be picked up it does transfer the audio through both speakers but they are in mono. Not sure if the SD card copy of tracks feature is in stereo, I understand I could amend some settings within Ableton though.

Using Ableton for multi track audio recording to match against beats seems to go off as any pattern I try to record against seems to be out of sync, I think this maybe a latency within the Audiobox.

I could record live on the fly but the electribe will only come out in mono, I could use one other instrument but of course as many people mentioned it would be best to have more inputs than outputs, as I only have a couple of things to put in this things, it will do for now.

One bonus recording on the fly though one channel is that I can get more track lanes so to speak, as the Lite version I have is limited to 8 I believe.

If anyone has any work flows like this or ideas please share.



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