Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them
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Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

In the past I've usually looked for presets in my library when I need them; this usually requires a lot of testing and playing around and occurs when I'm trying to run with a musical idea, very distracting.

In order to rectify this problem I thought about making myself more familar with the basic presets at hand, assuming that familarity would save me time and also suggest musical ideas itself. I don't like the idea of randomly playing with sounds and making pieces of music up as that's not normally how I work; I usually have the idea for a piece of music in my head first and then need to translate it into material form.

Anyway, the method I've come up with and am giving a try is to go through the presets slowly and methodically and attempt to describe in words each preset. I've put some examples below. This has sparked a question: "How much meaning can a sound contain?" What can a sound alone suggest, other than being the analogue of a physical instrument.

I'd love to know if anybody else has techniques they use to familiarise themselves with a bank of presets when they obtain new equipment. How familiar are you with the sounds available to you?

Here are my attempts at describing sounds so far, they neither attempt to be objective or technically accurate in any way:

Ambient and Evolving

Ambient - Alien Riches: Schreechy sense of foreboding gives way to an aggressive buzz that again gives way to foreboding. It fades out alone after some time.

Ambient - Atmophasic: Has a strange science fiction feel. Evolves rapidly. High notes are phasy while low notes have a metallic rumble. This seems to go on without end and could be used as a background sound.

Ambient - Backward: A very short sound that ends abruptly. A short phasy riser.

Ambient - Bells and Formants: A short bell sound with a long after hum. Foreboding bell on low notes, with a long whine. Sweet bell on high notes with an insect like hum. This sound fades out after some time. Could be used to suggest a beginning.

Ambient - Chimes and Bows: A sharp chimey sound with a low intense cycling hum following it endlessly.

Ambient - Depeche Dope: A sharp snare like attack followed by a cycling thin phasing sound. Every four cycles the sound is then added to by a heightened rush of the original attack but without it's sharpness.

Ambient - Glass Burn: A prominent beginning either humming on the low notes or whiny on the high notes that fades into a gentle waving hum. Can be used for slow melodies.

Ambient - Glasso Phone: A repetitive soft chiming noise with a slowly fading in humming or whining sound. Fades out quickly.

Ambient - Glisten: A slowly fading in hum or whine that grows to sound more and more sinister as the sound progresses before fading out quickly on release. Has a science fiction sound; sinister on the bass notes, techy and wonderful on the high notes.

Ambient - Grow and Shine: Slowly fades in before entering a phasy slowly cycling hum, reminding one perhaps of the dawn or the emergence of a sinister entity from the dark. Also spacey.

Ambient - Hold And Dream: Two elements, a vague fluffy background like the sound of a high-tech light energy source and a clear whine that rises and falls in pitch over short periods. When released the sound blurs for a short stop like a machine has been released. Dreamy and computer like.

Ambient - Magenta Synth: Like a broken computer slowly coming online, humming and hissing with a moderately slow start and fade.

Ambient - Melonoise: Another hissy, hummy sound that slowly starts and fades out. Throbbing and sinister on the bass end.

Ambient - Noise Floor: A hissy whiny hum that begins on high notes with a doeful cry before settling into hissy noise. On lower notes the sound is more like a high-tech hum, the power source of an alien machine.

Ambient - Planet Winds: Hardly audible on the preset, on lower notes this short sound is somewhat like the croak of a frog or insect. There is barely audible bubbling that appears on the mid notes where the sound seems more electric and artificial, like a sci-fi sound. This turns more to a whistle on the higher notes where the bubbling becomes more frothy.

Ambient - Sogwani Arp(Split): A tinny metallic sound with a long smooth glassy sustain reminding one of crystals on the higher notes, silver pieces on the mid notes. The attack is more aggressive on lower notes while becoming bubbly and squidgy on the very low notes.

Ambient - Starlet Bell (Split): A short note that bounces flabbily on the lower notes. Strangley sounds either mildly weird or comical on the mid notes. Sounds very artificial and becomes more metallic and robotic on the very high notes.

Ambient - Swag Happy: A sci-fi-esque hum with a short rise in volume and pitch range at the start. This sounds powerful on the low notes before turning into an organic growl at the very low end. On the mid to high notes it has the sound of a robot or computer coming to full power.

Ambient - Tableism: A powerful and aggressive electronic wave washing over oneself. On the lowest notes it sounds like an organic bubbling.

Evolving - Extremium: An extremely harsh crashing followed by a discordant cycling hum that fades away.

SmackDown - ArpSynth: A strange crash with waves of humming and crackling that slow and fade into a smooth hum. Extremely flabby on the lowest notes. Sounds like plasma on the mid notes before becoming metallic and tinny on the high end. Good for introducing a segment of music.

Synth - Digital Insects: Sounds like a weird bassy wind instrument on the mid notes; barely audible on the low notes. Higher up the notes an abrupt cycling becomes apparent giving the sound a stop and start effect. On the very high notes the sound becomes very noisy with strange bouncy elements that seem somewhat unpredicatable.

Synth - Metallic IDM Pad: A crackly whine with a long release. Very bubbly on the low notes; gives a sense of weird threat but almost train like on the very high notes.

Synth - Phantastillion: A metallic and bell-like with a downwards hiss of noise that becomes noticeable on the high notes. It has an airiness that reminds one of metal being struck in a close and old room like a basement on low notes and strangely like an airplane at mid to high notes.

Guitars and Plucked

Guitar - Power 5th Stabs: Like a distorted electric guitar on the mid end; on the low end, in short stabs, sounds drill-like. Slightly weird at the very low end. Very powerful in the mid-end but sounds weaker and more comical on the higher notes before becoming needle-like on the very high notes. Works well as chords on the mid to high notes.

Plucked - 12 String: An artifical guitar-like sound that induces a feeling of peace on the mid to high notes.

Plucked - Asian Sustained Koto 1: Mildly oriental sounding and airy string with a bell-like sound on the low notes. On the very high notes it becomes crystal-like and tinny.

Plucked - Asian Sustained Koto 2: A full-sounding bouncy pluck with a smooth sustain. Wooden on the low end and sharp and metallic on the high end.

Plucked - Banjo Kototar: An artificial plucked sound with a crystalline high end.

Plucked - Chorused 6-String: An artificial guitar sound with a starry high end.

Plucked - Jazz Lead: A soft short sound that only sounds plucked like a double bass on the very low end. The mid and high end sound more like a child's organ.

Plucked - Pluck: An artificial but satisfying pluck with a full low end, a cute mid-end and a cute and happy high end with a crystal sharp sound at the very high notes.

World - Maharadya: A south Asian style pluck, with a sparkly high end that ends with weird cute animal leaping sounds.

String Bass

Bass - Basic Electric: A mildly realistic electric bass guitar sound in a small range, with a mid range that sounds more like an unsustaining organ and a high end with a needle sharpness.

Bass - Dirty Bridge Pickup: A dirty old distorted bass with broken electronics causing the notes to wabble and sustain electronically, unpleasant on the mid and high end. The sound slides between notes in an artificial fashion.

Bass - Guitar: A mildly realistic bass guitar in a narrow range with a midly interesting though unnatrual slide between notes. The mid and high end pluck is artifial but the notes slide humorously.

Bass - Precise FM: A slightly fuzzy bass on the low notes with a cute toy like sound on the mid notes.

Bass - Precise FM(dark): A midly realistic bass in a narrow range with little high end. The pluck is almost comical on the high notes like the communication of a cute robot. The sound has a tendency to slide and disappear interestingly if notes are played in very quick succession.

Synth Strings

Strings - FM Orchestra: An artificial string sound hums menacingly on the low and mid notes but whines and screeches unpleasantly on the high notes.

Strings - Saw Strings: Fuzzy string sound. Almost happy or weird on the high notes, dirge like on the low notes. Unfriendly on the very low notes. On the high notes the sound is whiny and metallic, like a fine-tuned nanoscopic instrument.

Strings - Weeping Strings: A mildy fuzzy string-like sound. Hums aggressively on the low notes. Mildly accordion like when played on the mid to high notes. Noisy and fuzzy at the very high end.


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Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them


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Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

Originally Posted by ZhanMuSi View Post
In the past I've usually looked for presets in my library when I need them; this usually requires a lot of testing and playing around and occurs when I'm trying to run with a musical idea, very distracting.

In order to rectify this problem I thought about making myself more familar with the basic presets at hand, assuming that familarity would save me time and also suggest musical ideas itself. I don't like the idea of randomly playing with sounds and making pieces of music up as that's not normally how I work; I usually have the idea for a piece of music in my head first and then need to translate it into material form.

Anyway, the method I've come up with and am giving a try is to go through the presets slowly and methodically and attempt to describe in words each preset. I've put some examples below. This has sparked a question: "How much meaning can a sound contain?" What can a sound alone suggest, other than being the analogue of a physical instrument.

I'd love to know if anybody else has techniques they use to familiarise themselves with a bank of presets when they obtain new equipment. How familiar are you with the sounds available to you?
I have thought about doing the same you have , for all of my presets and it may be very useful to the person who writes it , but sounds can be heard so differently and how those sounds are described can also very wildly , so what sounds like xxy too you , may sound like xxyyx too me.

So with any presets that I use the first basic thing I do is have a good listen , up and down the playlist a few times. Then , I take anything that I like and copy it over too my own "Use these" preset folders , from there I give everything another listen and possibly edit title if need be. I try too use descriptive words that work for me. Also , having things in sub-folders also helps a big deal.
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Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

Hi PerceptionOne,

Thanks for your post. Yes, I do agree that there's a somewhat subjective element in the description of such sounds. I guess my line of thinking though is that there would also be a large amount of agreement for many sounds; we get used to associating certain sounds with certain ideas from films, the television, radio shows (in the past) and other music (where the associations can come about by linking lyrics and song titles with the sounds in the music). For example, most people could say that they have an idea of what a robot or spaceship might sound like if they heard it, even though the vast majority of people will have not had the most basic real-world experience of these things.

The work above is therefore partially a kind of experiment to learn about my own assumptions and associations of sounds, and then, hopefully, to use that gained knowledge to improve my own productions. I've discussed with others earlier on the board about music being a language, we learn to associate sounds and chord progressions, keys, rhythms, etc. with ideas. The descriptions are a sort of first attempt at translating those sounds into the English, hopefully helping me draw connections between them and enable me to combine them in new ways,

I've not really read much on the timbre aspect of this and wouldn't know where to start categorising sounds, apart from their being analogues to real-world instruments, or their weight being in a particular part of the frequency spectrum. If anybody can point me to any texts on this subject I'd be very interested to read it. I'd guess it wouldn't be surprising if this is one of the least developed areas of musical theory as it's only relatively recently that artists have been able to relatively simply change the tambre of their instruments on the fly.

Anyway, this is my attempt at working through this for myself and hopefully to encourage some discussion on the subject.

I really really like your technique of renaming the title of a preset to something more comprehensible to yourself; a very sensible step to take.
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Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

In the following post I'm going to display my descriptions of the rest of the Ableton Operator presets from Live 8. I've probably spent about 20 hours going through all the presets and listening to them now. Some times this has felt like a descent into madness. Other times it has felt quite rewarding and revealing.

I think this project has been very useful in getting me to stop and think about every sound that I possess, and has given me a much better knowledge of the palette of sounds at my disposal. It's also taught me to focus harder on sounds and try to distinguish what aspects of sounds give them meaning; basic things but I'm not an expert anyway, eg. brightness usually is more happy at least until it becomes harshness where it becomes scary or aggressive, wabbling modulation of the sound usually suggests weirdness and alienness.

Some sounds are difficult to give meanings to, in those cases I ended up just describing them in fairly technical terms. Some sounds I might say are meaningless, or meaning neutral, they only gain meaning from the playing and expression of the artist; I think this is especially true of sounds that are analogues of real world instruments, such as the piano and guitar.

I also realised how a lot of the meanings I associate with the sounds are reflections of outside sources. The influence of science fiction movies and computer games I keenly felt, and the digital FM sounds often reflect this. Often I had the sense of recognition of a modern (post 80s) sci-fi film while listening to certain sounds. My own interest in science fiction and other things no doubt influences my descriptions of the meanings vastly.

The influence of the preset name is also of interest; sometimes I felt the name of the preset matched it perfectly (The Marching Robots Rhythmic preset is one such example); other times I felt that the name given to the preset was perhaps unduly influencing my own interpretation of it.

I'm now starting to think also about putting sounds together; when I have comleted the other presets for other instruments it seems to make sense to me to try and create a set of musical pallettes, take presets that I agree match either in feeling (joyful, sad, mellow, sci-fi, ghostly, exotic, etc.) and try to make virtual bands out of them; basically matching a bass, lead, pad, etc. to try and make themed and complimentary sets of sounds that I can then save as templates. But that is an idea that only started to occur to me today and is in an early state of germination.

I feel this is a useful exercise for me; however, it is extremely time consuming and takes a certain amount of patience and determination to get through.
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Icon11 Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

Synthetic Woodwind

Woodwind - Double Flute: An airy flute sound with good bass notes.
Woodwind - Flute: An airy flute with a sweet mid to high range.
Woodwind - Flute Player: An airy flue with a whistly high range.
Woodwind - Mello Flute: A mellow sounding flute with a much reduced airiness leaving a darkened fuzz playing with the notes.
Woodwind - Micemic: An upwards sweeping tone that quickly settles into a slowly cycling tone; good for introducing a section of music.
Woodwind - Oboe: A bassy slightly rasping sound slighly suggestive of comedic weirdness.
Woodwind - Ocarina: A light windy sound with a childlike feel.
Woodwind - Pan Flute: An airy and ancient sound.
Woodwind - Recorder: A smooth wind sound.
Woodwind - Sax: Very much unlike a saxophone; however, it has a warm sound on the bass notes.
Woodwind - Whistler: A weird alien whistle with a cycling note.


Abstract - Bells and Staircases: A random chime like repetitive tinkling that on certain notes transforms to strange insect calling or fruity bubbling. Makes more sense on the bass notes.
Distorted - Wind Machine: The sound of a metallic board being shaken rapily to create a harsh windlike effect.
FX - Dyssey: A computer game repetitive bleeping that distorts to an aggressive alien sound on the low notes. Oh higher notes sounds like an alien weapon firing. On low notes sounds like the launching of a spaceship.
FX - Flutter Tongue: A bubbling pool when the filter is modified to cut off the high frequencies, this becomes a strange metallic scraping when the high frequencies are allowed to pass.
FX - Insect Giant: The splat of an insect smashing against a windscreen.
FX - U: An electronic bell tone that accelerates upon release and if held evolves over a long time into steps of high frequencies.
Rhythmic - FX Fastener: A highly distorted on bass notes, very electronic, leaps between stereo panning rhythmically and semi-randomly, fades slowly if held a long time.
Rhythmic - Sample & Bold: A futuristic rhythmic evolving electric sound with distorted bass notes and airy, whiny high notes.
Rhythmic - Slacker: A highly evolving beating futuristic bell and growl that increases in intensity while it is held. Sounds like cute future pets on the high notes.
Special - FX - Cymabls in 2310: A rising cycling alien cry that transforms to a distorted twang upon release.

Synthetic Voice

Pitchy Voice: A mildly voice-like springing note with a hint of Eastern exotica.
Voice - Additive Choir: An unvoice-like whine.
Voice - DigiNoise Choir: A weird alien choir with slow attack and an odd cycling modulation.
Voice - Female Choir Atmo: An atmospheric windy sound with a creepy yearning sound.
Voice - Lonesome Cowboy: A melancholy lonely man's voice with a yodelling modulation. A lonesome alien weirdness.
Voice - Male Choir: A distant fearful noise with a half-human weirdness.
Voice - Male Choir Aahh: A weird half-human noise.
Voice - Male Singer Metal Echo: A weird deep human tone with unrealistic attack but sounds almost realistic in chords.
Voice - Operatic: A faint highly modulated operatic voice with interesting pitch interesting slide between notes.
Voice - Perc Vox: A strongly attacked voice like sound with a long mellow and warm tail.
Voice - Phanta Voice 1: A metallic and springy voice like sound with a humorous tone.
Voice - Phanta Voice 2: A faintly springy and strongly powered voice.
Voice - Rob Otto Spheric: A very unlike voice sound with a metallic stringy sound on the bass notes and a weird unearthly star-like sound on the high notes with weird alien pitch bending. Very unearthly.
Voice - Susie Soprano: A high-pitched female voice with almost realistic modulation when bending the pitch.
Voice - Sympho Vox: A very light choral like sound with an 80s synth pop chordal sound and a echoey floatiness and a slow rising intensity.
Voice - Thera Vox: A strong piercing or throbbing vocal like sound with a pitch bend effect.
Voice - Vocalstring: A stringlike sound with little about a voice in it.

Synth Bass

Bass - 8ball Dribble Bass: A short thumping bass kick sound with a very slight after tone.
Bass - AcBass: A short metallic spring sound with a long after tone.
Bass - Acid: A long bass tone with a harsh fuzzy attack that can be modulated in strength. A hearty and fun future sound.
Bass - Aggressor (Drive): A throbbing throaty fuzzy aggressive sound with a long changing sustain.
Bass - Analog Super: A wooden knock with a low smooth sustained tone.
Bass - Analogue Warmth: A warm and fuzzy bass tone.
Bass - Blaze Bass: A mildly springy mildly sparkly bass.
Bass - Chainsaw: A heavily distorted bass sound that evolves slowly into a feedback like whine.
Bass - Dangerously Deep: A deep bass kick thumping sound with a deep after tone.
Bass - Decider: A heavy cycling bass tone with a throbbing sound that emanates tension.
Bass - Digitalis: A mildly spring funky bass tone.
Bass - Dirty: A long steady bass tone with a hint of brass.
Bass - Dustbuster: A strong distorted and phasy tone with a long wobbling tail.
Bass - FM Argor: A throaty groaning throbbing tone with a grinding distortion.
Bass - Foog M 1: A long moody bass tone with slow thobbing and a sweet pitch bending between notes on the higher notes.
Bass - Funky Place: A harsh squidy attack giving away to a throaty deep voice like tone that modules quickly and weirdly between keys without reattacking.
Bass - Geriatric Synth: A midly thoaty bass sound like a wet fart.
Bassi: A short electonic bass stab.
Bass - Imperator: A slightly metallic hard flutey sound.
Bass - Krushed Lows: An electronic organ-like sound.
Bass - Layuhrz: An organ like sound that can build on itself in a note-by-note fashion.
Bass - Pacifier: A rough fuzzy distortion that fades after a short sustain.
Bass - Percu Pluck: A strong artificial plucking sound with a long smooth sustain that slides between notes.
Bass - Square Three: A hollow electronic note with a harsh distorted attack.
Bass - Stomp Box: A light plucked instrument sound with an extremely heavy distortion on the bass notes.
Bass - Sub Modular: A mild sustained electonic tone with a slight harshness when pressed hard and a single note played at any one time.
Bass - Subber: A growly deep tone.
Bass - Tough Electro: A thumpy electric pluck.
Bass - Various Saws: A long deep bass tone with throbbing and cycling undertones and a modulation that becomes phasey and fluttery at the high end.
Bass - WahWah: A long-held wabbling tone that fades into a distorted tone.
Bass - Zage: A spring distorted metallic tone.
Hip-hop Sub Bass: A heavy deep grounded tone.
Synth Bass - Touchy Bass (Glide): A slightly plucked short tone with a glide.

Synth Bleep

Bass - One Harmonic: A popping tone on the high notes, a cycling midly airy flute tone on the low notes.
Buzz - Geigerzaehler: A repetitive wooden tapping with random fluctuations in the pitch.
Synth - Low Bit Bounce: A plucky springing sound with a whiny fade.
Synth - Minimal Bleep: A harsh overblown sound followed by a modulated wabbling.
Synth - Morenew: A fuzzy comical popping sound.
Synth - Percu Blip: A short slighly spring hollow bleep.
Synth - Squishy: A phasy tone that fades into a resonating whine.
Synth - Wired Tom: A short tsss.

Synth Brass

Brass - Brassinski: An artificial but bright and cheerful brass with a loud sustain a wabbling modulation.
Brass - Brassy Analog: A mellow brass sound with a suggestion of reverb.
Brass - Cozy Copper: A warm brass.
Brass - Soft Brass: A warm, soft, mellow brassy sound.
Synth Brass - Dusky Swells: A short melancholy brassy swell.

Synth Chord

Poly - Dirty Crystals: A vibrant energetic fuzzy tone.
Poly - Dirty Thick Chimes: An energetic fuzzy tone with a repetitive tinning behind the main sound.
Polysynth - Gentle Stabs: A gentle plucking sound.
Synth - Absolute Synthetic: A warm synthetic tone that sound dreamy when modulated up and fiery when modulated down.
Synth - Anaconga: A sharp pluck with a long repetitive delay fade-out, sounds cute and comical.
Synth - Chord Caterer: A warmly energetic sound that cries meancholy on the high notes.
Synth - Chord Me: A sparkly phasing pluck.
Synth - Chordelia: A sharp discordant tinny sound with a harsh rising fade.
Synth - Fast and Fat: A distorted attack followed by a mellow organ like tone.
Synth - Filterless Sweep: A sharp attack leads into a short swell of phasy sound that sustains interminably.
Synth - Fusion Overdriver: A lengthy fading organ like tone.
Synth - Hollow Ringer: A fuzzy tone with a cycling harsh after tone.
Synth - Module - Mono: A rough tone with mild ringing.
Synth - Module - Poly: A slightly rough tone with very mild ringing.
Synth - Neat Wow: A wabbled attack leads into a slighlty modulated quiet after tone.
Synth - Nebula: An extremely airy machine like puff that slowly fades.
Synth - One Long Chord: A phazzy metallic chord that spring into life upon release and fades very slowly into a long dreamy tone.
Synth - One Soft Chord: A bright chord that rises quickly in a phase with a rising and falling tone quickly sweeping behind before quickly fading.
Synth - Organ Pad: A warm dreamy organ like tone that grows quickly into life.
Synth - Square Sweep: A warm fuzzy sweeping chord that evolves and fades slowly upon relase.
Synth - Three Instruments: A short falling tone with a resonant whine that ends abruptly if released in chord form too quickly.

Synth Leads

Lead - 5th Stab: A very harsh metallic string with soft plucks when played lightly.
Lead - Agility Lead: A soft short metallic string sound with a peaceful and light-hearted sound.
Lead - Ambilead: A long-burning sound with a sense of awe and mystery, star-like on the high notes.
Lead - Analogaga: A short abruptly ending flute-like sound with a cut and unfinished feeling.
Lead - BigNastyRegal5thSaw: Distorted noisy sound with an aggressive comicalness, it's going to squeeze you into having fun.
Lead - Bleeding Face: A soft mellow sound, organ like with a popping attack.
Lead - Bright Open Pop: A sparkling shiny lead with long evolution and a high-tech feel, wabbles on high modulation.
Lead - Britzel Square: A powerful aggressive dirty tone like machinery going wrong, or at least coming to get you.
Lead - Buzzer: An industrial drilling tone on the lower notes and other odd tones, otherwise agressive guitar like.
Lead - Buzzsaw: On the bass tones, thoughtful, on the high tones, comical, this modulates into a flickering insect noise.
Lead - Buzzy Squares: A light-hearted tone on the high notes, moody on the low notes, with a strange slide from note to note.
Lead - Chiffy Sinusoid (Glide): A cute pure tone with a short slide; the sound of a robot bird.
Lead - Dirty Pulse: A buzzy wabbling like the ghost of a robotic opera singer.
Lead - Dirty Silicon: The sound of broken computer tones.
Lead - DISCO House: A futuristic plucked sound.
Lead - Disto Noise: A searing blinding light.
Lead - Distolead: A generator like tone on bass notes when 2 are held; various machine-like schreeches when held with after-touch. Like a weird old radio in a bunker.
Lead - Driller: Growling like an evil machine on the low notes, like an angry computer on the high notes.
Lead - Eee Formanto: A shiny glistening long tone.
Lead - Euro Dance Arp'ed: A fuzzy happy tone.
Lead - Expressive Bandpass: A squelchy sound with a weirdo modulation.
Lead - Expressive Searing: A sharp sound with a harsh high pitched modulation.
Lead - Florian 2: A long tone with a bold and sparkly attack that evolves into a phasy riser.
Lead - Four Square: The wabbling of an operatic mouse.
Lead - Glitchtastic: Old computer games.
Lead - Hard Synchonicity: A sparkly futuristic instrument to be played while boarding starships.
Lead - Highpass Crusher: A long distorted tone evolves into a long wave.
Lead - Hornet Lead: A happy old computer game.
Lead - Immaculate: Singing alien ball creatures.
Lead - Jekyll and Hyde (Drive): A softly fuzzy tone.
Lead - Krafty Swell: A bouncy note with a long fuzzy swell.
Lead - L3ktro: A needling searing tone.
Lead - Like Oberheim: A fuzzy weird animal cry.
Lead - Luckily: A happy airy whistle with an odd slide.
Lead - M9: A cold delicate swell.
Lead - Many Faces: A strange turning tone with a hint of fuzz and a strange repetitive chime tapping.
Lead - Minor 7th: A super warm tone with a strong sense of loss and sadness.
Lead - Monophonic FX Lead: A strong drop into a powerful fuzzy tone with a modulated insect biting.
Lead - Monsoon Mono: A rough brassy tone with a long fade.
Lead - Mr. Wiggles: A moderately good humoured man walking in good humour.
Lead - Mudmasher: A soft rising tone that groans open into harshness.
Lead - News Flash: A twinkling chime.
Lead - One Noisy Lead: A noisy note with a weird after wabble.
Lead - P&P Lead: A soft pluck that leads into a long sliding note.
Lead - Paint A Waveform: A fairly pure tone set to allow the user to create their own immediately.
Lead - Pitchy Ambient: A mewing kitten attached to a brass horn.
Lead - Pitchy Ambient Room: A mewing kitten attached to a brass horn in a larger space.
Lead - Planetar: A noisy pluck that transforms into a long evolving wabble, very mellow and distant.
Lead - Pong Lead: Wabbling glass.
Lead - Punch and Dirty: Warm sunny and dirty.
Lead - Rudebox: A strange airy pluck.
Lead - Saw Triangle Lead: A contented sound.
Lead - Scary Snake Charmer: weird mewing cat.
Lead - Shinai: A swell followed by weird wabbling.
Lead - Shrilled To See Ya: Hyper happy piercing tone.
Lead - SoftSquare (Overdrive - delay): An alien flute.
Lead - Super Sweep: A buzzy sound with a long non-prominent sweep.
Lead - Techyometer: When modulated, a strange yodelling female cat.
Lead - Thick Detuned Saw: A happy science fiction sound like much trance music.
Lead - Trance Lead: A cute and happy bouncy sound.
Lead - Trance Lead Arp'ed: A long trance lead tone but not as happy as the other.
Lead - Trance Seq. Lead: Another phasy and airy trance lead.
Synth Brass - Analog Pad Brass 1: A treacly synth brass.
Synth Brass - Analog Pad Brass 2: A mellow weak brass sound.
Synth Brass - Might As Well: A short thin swelling brass sound.
Synth - Mean Square Lead: A buzzy fun sliding lead.
Synth - Wakes Lead (Split): A long shiny tone.

Synth Pad

Pad - 5th Pad: Slightly mellow sound with fuzziness, regal and golden.
Pad - A Snow Pad: The rising of the dawn.
Pad - Ambient 8000 Pad: A warm futuristic glow.
Pad - Breathing Life: The gentle appearance of sympathy.
Pad - Celestial: A warm crystalline sense of wonder.
Pad - CZ Squared: A spirit voice crying in an ethereal distance.
Pad - Digistenum: An evolving sense of wonder building up organ-like.
Pad - Digital Chorus: A warm evocation of wonder.
Pad - Dreamy New Age: A weird yelp followed by bold evolving happy mystical tones.
Pad - Fairy Light: An airy peaceful tone.
Pad - FilterSweep (Chorus Delay): A long clear tone like the penetration of light into a dark space.
Pad - Flutsitar: A flutey sound with a spray of glitter following.
Pad - Full Moon By The Inch: The slow appearance then disappearance of a UFO.
Pad - Ghostwriter: The distant ghosts sighing.
Pad - Ionosphere: A short hollow slightly airy swell.
Pad - June O: A light energy source, warm or cold.
Pad - Late Bloomer: A bold raspy tone that transforms into distant insects.
Pad - Lush Stabber: A short happy starry sound.
Pad - Marching Order(Split): The dawn of something new.
Pad - Maxellini: A tinny pluck.
Pad - Micro Synth: A soft tone that turns fuzzy.
Pad - Moonscape: A lonely landscape.
Pad - Morphing - Glass: An insect trapped within a glass.
Pad - Morphoder: The mellow warmth of being close to mother.
Pad - Moving Stereo: A small thing trying repeatedly to achieve a little goal and failing.
Pad - Moving Stereo Pad: A sense of rising awe.
Pad - Padditive: A weird warm creature calling you.
Pad - Particles: A quiet realization.
Pad - Phasey Sweeper: Something strange is happening.
Pad - Phat Synth: Another alien intelligence.
Pad - Phat Synth Gain'ed: Another alien intelligence.
Pad - Polar: A cold and lonely placed.
Pad - Poly 800 Bellstring: A soft bell tone with a haunting swell, gentle pleasures.
Pad - Power Pad: A long buzzy tone saying beware.
Pad - PPG Ball: Squeezing a series of mice.
Pad - Prophetic Pad: Rich.
Pad - Purse Strings Pad: Purity.
Pad - Rich Square: Spectres in the dark.
Pad - Rosemary Swell: Magic has been let out of the box to escape.
Pad - Saw Multi Chord: An irritating pain that just won't go away.
Pad - Saw Resonator: The searing pain upon waking with a hangover.
Pad - Saw Resonator Pan'ed: The searing pain upon waking with a hangover and feeling disorientated.
Pad - Shaparola: High up over a yawning gap.
Pad - Shaparella: The nauseas realization you're very high up and could easily fall.
Pad - Shimmer Wah: A generator.
Pad - Sinusuid: Dawn in a prehistoric landscape with a dinosaurs heading raising towards the sun.
Pad - Slow Saw Octave: Apotheosis.
Pad - Slow Shivering: I made a mistake and regret it.
Pad - Slow Sweep: The slow realization that you've fucked things up and you're belly feels like a hole.
Pad - Snoize Strings: Everything's being sucked away; giant vacuum cleaner in the sky on bass notes.
Pad - Soft Jupiter: Alien chorus.
Pad - Soft SQ Pad: A nagging pain.
Pad - Softsynced PPG: Half felt pain; tortured while semi-conscious.
Pad - Sparkle Pad: Slow motion boomerang.
Pad - Steady Pad: A bad taste in the mouth.
Pad - Stutter Sweep: Something is appearing.
Pad - Super Shifter: A short glance into a hole between dimensions.
Pad - Super Sweeper: Something strange is happening to me.
Pad - Sweep Machine: Let me show you something!
Pad - Sweeper: A sense of religious awe.
Pad - Sweetness: A cute cry followed by mellow happiness.
Pad - Tender Mercy: Something has appeared in the distance.
Pad - Venus Love: Just before you touch someone for the first time.
Pad - VS Magic 1: The creaking open of a box and the release of splendid power.
Pad - VS Magic 2: The creaking open of a box with a golden object inside radiating splendid power.
Pad - Warm or Cold Pad: A sense that this is an important moment.
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Icon13 Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

Synth Rhythmic

Rhythmic - Bass Groove: The approach of battle.
Rhythmic - Big Nasty Lead: The buzzing of an insect.
Rhythmic - Brushwork: A toy train.
Rhythmic - Bubble Bass Synth: Apparently unusable.
Rhythmic - Chatterbox: A repetitive metallic tapping with a warming energy source underneath.
Rhythmic - Chugging: An information transfer by means of a beam.
Rhythmic - Dancing Atoms: Electrical components at work.
Rhythmic - Dark Corners 1: Strange goings on in a weird place.
Rhythmic - Dark Corners 2: Strange goings on in another weird place.
Rhythmic - Electro Pulse: Working in a laboratory.
Rhythmic - Fast Food Lead (Split): A strange electronical component.
Rhythmic - Filter Rhythm: Robot manufactory.
Rhythmic - Hard Tech: In the high-tech armoury.
Rhythmic - Imminent Finger Arp: Cute and bouncy.
Rhythmic - Loopidoo: Comical cartoon men using a saw to cut a tree.
Rhythmic - Magic Marimba: Happy and sunny.
Rhythmic - March Of The Robots: The name says it all!
Rhythmic - Marimba Motion (Arp): Marimbas with an interesting motion when two notes are played together.
Rhythmic - Mutant Overbite (Split): Something sinister has appeared.
Rhythmic - Outlaw: The sense of freedom, hunted on the bass notes, inspiring on the mid notes, bewildering on the high notes.
Rhythmic - Square Pulsator: Spaceship factory.
Rhythmics - Sister: Happy mood, bouncing on the bed and having fun.
Rhythmic - Sync To Slave: Completing a task with a sense of urgency; robbing the bank.
Rhythmic - Syncopate Da Bass: Sinister swamp.
Rhythmic - Tight Beat: A man doing a simple beat with objects on the pavement.
Rhythmic - Up & Down: A spaceship going into hyperspace.
Synth - Chime-o-Therapy: Broken old toy with a glimpse to a secret past.
Synth - My Random Machine: A monkey or madman testing things by tapping them.
Synth - Octaver Dude: Thoughts of a super-computer.
Synth - Polyrhythm Pulse: Plasma core.


Bell - Black Bellestation: A soft bell with a hint of sadness.
Bell - Chimera: A harsh cycling high-pitched tone.
Bell - Construction Kit: The time machines chime.
Bells - Brushed Bell Hits: Gentle bells for waking up to.
Bells - Classical Bells: An artificial church bell.
Bells - Fantasy Land: A young child at play.
Bells - J Pop Bells: Glassy bells.
Bells - Temple Bells: A small bell for indoor use.
Bells - The Omen: A bell with a malevolent aftertone that can be hidden by fast playing.
Bells - Toy Bells: Playful bells describing playtime for children.
Bells - Y Sleep: Mysterious but harmless night bells with weird tones on certain notes.
Bell - The Bell: Grandfather clocks bell.
Bleep - Clicky Sinewave: Circus organ.
Mallets - A Wineglass: The mysterious sound of water glasses being played.
Mallets - Adiss Bell: Scratchy bell.
Mallets - African Bars: Happy light metallic sound.
Mallets - Breath Mallet: A tapped springy sound.
Mallets - Distobell: Bright bells with a raspy prolonged weird aftertone like an alien brass.
Mallets - Dream Bells: The light bells of a pleasant sleep.
Mallets - Festive Perc: Christmas bells reminding us of winter snow.
Mallets - Glockenspiel: Bells for a ceremonial occassion.
Mallets - Leslie Bell: A soft ringing sound with a long warm organ like tail.
Mallets - Malletar: A knock on wood, gentle and happy.
Mallets - Marimbah (Spacious): A happy short metallic tone.
Mallets - Mimics: A soft metallic tone with a modulated wabbling after-tone.
Mallets - Muffled: A stifled metallic tap.
Mallets - Percussini: A stifled wooden tap.
Mallets - Real Luxury Vibes: A happy spacious tone.
Mallets - Rich Bells: A long tone with enriched complexity.
Mallets - Shepherds Vibe: A soft tap followed by a mellow long calling note.
Mallets - Strawberries: A short tap followed by a fast weird rising sound.
Mallets - Time Bell: A soft mellow tone.
Mallets - Vibraphone: A happy metallic ring.
Mallets - Xalaphone: A weird metallic tone with a long slow ringing sustain.
Mallets - Xylophone: A bright happy tone with a heavy underpunch.
World - Surinam Bowls: A springy sound with a hint of exotic mysticism.

Piano and Keys

Clav - Synchy Clav: A bright and buzzy tone.
Keys - Bedtime: Gentle and relaxing keys.
Keys - Blade Piano (mono): A long pulsating serious thought.
Keys - B Movie Noise Keys: A weird fuzzy unharmonic sound.
Keys - Bright Piano: A bright pleasant relaxing and slightly metallic tone.
Keys - Bright Tines: A bright happy tap followed by long sustained warm aftertones.
Keys - Clicky: A bright wooden tap followed by sustained warm aftertones.
Keys - Coffee and Cigarettes: A thin tinny sustained tone.
Keys - Dirty Circuits: Warm on the bass notes and happy tinny on the high notes.
Keys - Dirty Organ: A thin reedy organ sound.
Keys - Drawbar Organ: A warm but thin church-like organ.
Keys - Dynamic: A weird metallic springy sound with a modulated sustain.
Keys - Dynamic Detroit: A warm happy sound with a medium release.
Keys - Familiar Roads: A mellow, relaxed and slightly dreamy tone.
Keys - Filtered Clav: A bright buzzy tone with a mellow warm aftertone; happy and pleased.
Keys - Filtered E-Piano: A warm solid tone with a slight springiness and a long warm aftertone.
Keys - FM E-Piano: An annoyingly tinny bright and happy piano tone.
Keys - Frosted Glass Piano: A cold and icy tone.
Keys - Glass Piano: Another cold tone.
Keys - Hardkeys: A harsh metallic springy tone filled with meaness and agression.
Keys - Harpsi Chord: A harsh metallic spring pluck with a joyful feel.
Keys - Part Stop Church Organ: A warm church organ sound.
Keys - Real Organ: A warm bold organ sound.
Keys - Responsive Piano: A soft warm wooden sound.
Keys - Road Trip E-Piano: A tinny sound on the high notes with strength on the bass notes and a slightly fuzziness.
Keys - Roads Well Travelled: A gentle slightly starry romantic e-piano tone.
Keys - Simple Electric Piano: A happy and amused e-piano tone.
Keys - Smokey Percussion: A soft exotic wooden mallet sound, like gentel Hawaian nights.
Keys - Sticky Harp: A glistening plucked sound on the high notes.
Organ - BitterSweet Organ: A sad tone like the loss of a friend.
Organ - Dance Dot Org: A happy bouncy wooden tone.
Organ - Little Liz: A melancholy tone.
Organ - Mellow Fellow: A sad little melancholy tone with a hint of warmth; remembering by the fireside.
Organ - Moodmaker: An organ tone, warm on the bass notes, bright and happy on the higher notes.
Organ - Perkzy: A bright organ sound with a slight mellow tone.
Organ - Rasta Man: A warm tone on the low notes and bright and happy on the high notes.
Organ - Siney: A warm tone on the low notes and bright and happy on the high notes.
Organ - Smooth Sixth Stabs: A warm tone on the low notes and bright and happy on the high notes.
Piano - LoFi Piano von Alias: A harshy crispy piano tone.


Cowbell - 808: A tinny bright happy metallic tap.
High Noise: A quick shake.
Hihat - 808 Closed: A crispy tap.
Hihat - 808 Open: A cool crispy whish.
Kick Analog 1: A punchy thud with slight reverberation.
Kick - 808: A slappy thud.
Shaker: A crispy whishing sound.
Sidestick - 808: A light wood on metal tap.
Small Metal Plate: A bright tap of metal.
Snare Hit: A poppy whooshing sound.
Tom High-808: A high-pitched wooden coo.
Tom Low-808: A low-pitched wooden note.
Tom Mid-808: A slightly slapped wooden tone.
Tone: A poppy wooden tap.
Clap - Carbon: A slappy crisp whoosh.
Crash - Carbon: A deep whishing whip-like slash.
Hihat Closed - Carbon: A crispy wooden knock.
Hihat Open - Carbon: A crisp whipping.
Hihat Pedal - Carbon: A crisp handgun like pop.
Kick - Carbon: A short high-pitched knock.
Purrr - Carbon: A poppy wooden knock.
Random Blip - Carbon: A tinny metallic click.
Ride - Carbon: A fast and airy whoosh.
Sidestick - Carbon: A finger click.
Snare High - Carbon: A high pitched poppy wooden tap.
Snare - Carbon: A mid-tone wooden tap.
Tambourine - Carbon: A low airy whish.
Tom Floor - Carbon: A deep wooden pop.
Tom High - Carbon: A gentle wooden knock.
Tom Low - Carbon: A low wooden knock.
Tom Mid - Carbon: A slightly insistent wooden knock.
Broken Gong - Granular Stretch: A serious big gong.
Gush - Granular Stretch: An uncomical spring.
Hihat Closed - Granular Stretch: A slightly wooden click.
Hihat Open - Granular Stretch: An airy whispy whish.
Kick Long - Granular Stretch: A thumpy kick with a long high-pitched yawning aftertone.
Metal Clang - Granular Stretch: The bright tap of metal.
Shaker - Granular Stretch: A crispy whish of sound.
Snare Breathe - Granular Stretch: A wooden pop with a long airy afternote.
Snare Reverse - Granular Stretch: A short wooden pop with an airy swell.
Surge - Granular Stretch: A broken robot attempting to speak.
Tambourine - Granular Stretch: An airy whish.
Tom Floor High - Granular Stretch: A light wooden tap with a happy undertone.
Tom Floor - Granular Stretch: A light wooden knock with a deep undertone.
Tom High Mid - Granular Stretch: A light metallic tap.
Tom High - Granular Stretch: A bright metallic knock.
Tom Low Mid - Granular Stretch: A soft gong-like knock.
Tom Low - Granular Stretch: A muffled knock on a gong.
Toy Box - Granular Stretch: A hissy toy-like snare.
Bend - Metal: A metallic twang.
Carillon Bell - Metal: A long long bell tone.
Cheap Flexatone - Metal: A comical metallic wabbling laugh.
Concert Triangle - Metal: A slightly fuzzy metallic ringing.
Dynamic Klang - Metal: A short harsh metallic knock.
Finger Cymbal - Metal: A gentle metallic ring.
FM Prayer Bell - Metal: A fuzzy muffled gong tone.
Harmonic Shine - Metal: A crispy metallic pluck.
Huge Tamtam - Metal: A deep muffled metallic ring.
Metal Clave - Metal: A short clicky wood-like knock.
Nonharm Shine - Metal: A harsh metallic robotic tone.
Opera Gong - Metal: A strange bouncy leap.
Rattle - Metal: A short crisp shake.
Rosin Bend - Metal: A high pitched squeal that transforms into a strange warbling.
Short Clang - Metal: A short tuned metallic knock.
Ugly Spike - Metal: A harsh crispy piercing.
Body - White: A wooden knock.
Clap Bandpass 1 - White: A short crisp whish.
Clap Bandpass 2 - White: A lower pitched short crisp whish.
Crash - White:A long whishing spray.
Hihat Closed - White: A very short crisp whish.
Hihat Open - White: An airy crisp whish.
Hihat Pedal - White:A crisp whishing puff of air.
Kick - White: A dull thump.
Noise - White: A very crisp whish.
Ride - White: A light spray of air.
Sidestick - White: A light wooden knock.
Snare - White: A tap on a loose window pane.
Bell - Wicked: An odd muffled metallic tone.
Burr - Wicked: A comical wooden springing.
Crash1 - Wicked: A long crisp whish.
Crash2 - Wicked: A light long crispy whish.
FM Scratch - Wicked: A comical bubbling that transforms into an odd wabble.
Hihat Closed - Wicked: A crisp tap.
Hihat Open - Wicked: A short crisp shake.
Hihat Pedal - Wicked: A short click.
Kick - Wicked: An airy thud.
Random1 - Wicked: Random robotic electronic tones.
Random2 - Wicked: Random light wooden bubbling notes.
Sidestick - Wicked: A click tap.
Snare1 - Wicked: A dark crack.
Snare2 - Wicked: A hard smacked crack.
Zipp1 - Wicked: Laser beam
Zipp2 - Wicked: A punchy laser beam.
Clap - Wood: A crisp short note.
Gong - Wood: A muffled gong.
Hihat Closed - Wood: A bright tap with a crisp afternote.
Hihat Open - Wood: A bright metallic tone with a crisp afternote.
Hihat Pedal - Wood: A short poppy wooden tap with a crisp afternote.
Kick - Wood: A short thump followed by a deep tone.
Ride - Wood: An airy pure tone.
Sidestick - Wood: A short wooden tap.
Snare High - Wood:A crisp short smack.
Snare - Wood: A crisp powerful short smack.
Spring - Wood: A comical light spring.
Tom Floor - Wood: A light knock of smooth woods.
Tom High - Wood: A tap of metal and wood.
Tom Low - Wood: A short tap of metal and wood.
Tom Mid - Wood: Another short tap of metal and wood with a lighter piece of metal.
Twirl - Wood: A deep springing sound.
Clap - Yellow: A laser like hiss.
Crash - Yellow: A short distorted whip.
Hihat Closed - Yellow:A crisp click.
Hihat Open - Yellow: A short distorted whish.
Kick MFB - Yellow: A wooden thump.
Plock - Yellow: A robotic click.
Purr - Yellow: An airy springing.
Ride - Yellow: A crisp metallic airy swish.
Shaker - Yellow: A crisp shake.
Snare Hit - Yellow: A short popping.
Snare - Yellow: A sharp crisp hit.
Tambourine - Yellow: A slightly wooden click.
Tom Floor - Yellow: A very airy low knock.
Tom High - Yellow: A light airy tap.
Tom Low - Yellow: A light airy knock.
Tom Mid - Yellow:An airy tap.
Tom Roto - Yellow: A light fun and comical pop.
Cymbal-E-Ride Cymabl Bell: A harsh but bright metallic clang.
Hi-Q Thud: A short clicky powerful laser thud.
Kick BD-1: A slightly springy metallic thud.
Kick - Zapp: A click knock with a tuned long aftertone.
Noisy Wood Percussion: A comical whishing thud.
Percussion - Noise Perc: An airy metallic knock.
Percussion - Shout Cowbell: A light and fun metallic knock.
Smack Kick: A powerful smacking knock.
Wood Percussion: A gentle wooden popping.


Attack - Sine Blip: A wooden knock.
Attack - Sine Blip (Filter): A popping bubble.
Filter - Low Pass: A comical mewing.
Spectral - Short Metallic: An airy metallic knock.
Waveforms - Saw 3: A smooth organ like tone.
Waveforms - Sine: A soft pure tone.
Waveforms - Sine Mono Glide: A soft airy pure tone with glide.
Waveforms - Sine (Notch Sweep): A soft pure tone with cycling.
Waveforms - Square 3: A smooth tone with a hint of richness.
Waveforms - Square 4: A smooth tone with a slight tinniness.
Waveforms - Square 6: A smooth tone with tinniness.
Waveforms - Square 8: A rich tone with a slight harshness.
Waveforms - Square 16: A buzzy tone with a slight high end harshness.
Waveforms - Square 32: A harsh buzzing.
Waveforms - Square 64: A harsh buzzing with an irritating high end.
Waveforms - Square D: A very harsh buzzing sound.
Waveforms - Triangle: A slightly fuzzy tone.
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Re: Ableton Operator Presets 1 - Making Sense Of Them

Jeez [2]


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